Thursday, December 1, 2022



Nowadays we tend to just want to see everything polished up. Everything should be light and shiny, including our feelings.You have to convert anger into gratitude, lovingly embrace sadness… But if we don’t want to see the dark, raw, unpolished pieces, who are we kidding?

The world was made to contain dark and light. Without darkness you don’t even know what light is, without misfortune, you don’t know happiness. Many people today just want to be “enlightened”. Anger and other “dark” emotions are not part of this, then you are not “zen”. Recently, when I wanted to hide my own anger and gave this argument, a friend said:

Why shouldn’t anger be “zen”? If you give in to the “less beautiful things”, you will experience the beauty around you again. And why shouldn’t there be beautiful sides to the dark things in life? Did it bring you nothing?
Isn’t it like a somewhat dark photo? Just because it’s dark doesn’t mean the picture itself isn’t beautiful?

Learning to accept others and yourself (and life) with light and dark sides can be a beautiful gift. I have trouble with people who think they are past duality. As long as you are human, you simply have that duality within you.

Otherwise you don’t really have much to do here. Beautiful, those people who often stand in their power and who are especially grateful in life, but they will also have a moment of sadness, or feel sadness, or are angry with someone. That is part of the human experience and is beautiful for that reason alone.

The next time I see a dark photo, I’m going to see if there’s something beautiful in it. The next time I come across a dark side of myself, I’ll take a closer look and see where I can find the beauty in it.


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