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Dating, pairing and relationships

As you who have children know, their view of relationships is very different from ours.

The changes that have taken place in a single generation are astonishing, considering how long things have stayed the same prior to this generation.

Those wondering if your children will ever get married or have a boyfriend will have to wait until they are ready to take this step.

This isn’t a generation rushing into any aspect of dating, pairing, or relationships. And this has nothing to do with their lack of confidence.

A high parental divorce rate

Despite this generation’s very loose attitude to sex and dating, they are very serious about making a commitment.
And maybe that’s because they are the first generation to live with such a high divorce rate .
They have been through this experience and do not want this for themselves, nor for their children. But they also grow up in the “roommate generation,” where they live with friends for many years and have strong friendships that give them the emotional support that would normally come from a spouse.

They are also supported by their parents, emotionally or financially or both, and have the luxury of being able to stay at home. Nobody pushes them to get married, have children to fulfill social expectations.

My advice to my children has always been that they should take their time, see the world, choose the right partner and have children when they are ready. I’m in no rush to see them married (but they don’t live with me anymore either), but more than that, I want them to be happy and take on the responsibilities of a family when they’re ready.

Although we tend to see them as emotionally immature and insecure, we shouldn’t underestimate their thoughts putting them into important life choices. Until they are ready, they will not consider relationships as an important life choice.

They will when they meet the right person. Then they will know and be ready to take that step. Until that happens, they’ll act like they’re going to be single forever, but they won’t be.

A lot of our kids won’t get married until they’re around 30, which seems to be the trend for them. Until that happens, you can play the matchmaker and annoy them, worry that it’s never going to happen, or… you might one day be surprised to find out that she ‘s the right partner have found!


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