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Dealing with sensitivity

Have you been extra sensitive lately? Not you alone. You live in an energy cycle that involves hypersensitivity, and this affects you and all the people you meet in everyday situations. This means that people who are normally sensitive become even more sensitive. Also, people, who are otherwise not so easily overwhelmed, can be shaken by strong sensory stimuli and react differently.


  • You wait in traffic, unable to get ahead, and drivers behind you are honking loudly.
  • When a meeting you’ve been planning for a month is canceled at the last minute, you get upset, your nervous system becomes overloaded.
  • Your dog, who is nervous because of all the stress in your house, pees on the floor and you react differently than usual, in a punitive tone.

As a divine change maker living now to create a more loving world together, your job in these situations is simple: respond reasonably to unreasonable occurrences.

This is of course easier said than done. And that’s where your extensive training and life wisdom come into play. When you apply what you have learned over time, you become your own source of stability. This means you have the ability to react differently than the average person, able to show others a more reasonable way of being.

Tips to cultivate a reasonable response

Update your vision about time. The moment you put a fixed time on something, are not willing to adapt to life events, you lock yourself in a box.

Time is really not a fixed fact. It’s a reference point, especially useful when you’re planning to meet someone or deliver a project depending on others’ timelines. From the perspective of spirit, there is divine timing for everything – it is not static, but fluid, and adaptable to energy shifts. To respect yourself and others in these years of mega energy shifts, a more flexible approach is needed.

Connect with the deeper subtle messages. Most likely you already do this more than the average person. If you are on a spiritual path, you have learned to see through outer appearances and question your reality.

The key here is to practice this more when your nervous system is overloaded by yet another stressor, such as an unpleasant phone call or a friend who is an hour late for your appointment.

When you become anxious and allow your mind to slip into unproductive anger or worry, you will have to make more than an effort to see beyond the phenomena. Otherwise you may be caught up in your own thoughts that keep looking for the cause outside of you.

Change how you move in the world. This means balancing tight caution and reckless nonchalance. Since you are interconnected with everyone and everything, you do not create in a vacuum. This means that you will have to use your intuition and reasonableness when dealing with others.

Calling someone just because you get the idea to call them can backfire when that person is energetically or physically unavailable. Yet trying to push through your will can create needless walls with loved ones, colleagues and strangers. Every step you take has the potential to bring you into either harmony or disharmony.

Make your choices carefully, because you are not only affecting other people but especially yourself. Take care, and remember to be kind to all beings—including yourself. If you are careful, you will notice the bumps in the road before you step on it.

Rethink your purpose for being here now.

This may seem obvious, but when you remember to maintain a higher perspective on your life, the little things stay small, and what really matters can get your focused attention.

When you become adept at applying a spiritual focus to everything, a new sense of clarity can arise, and with it peace.


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