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Dealing with terror as a highly sensitive person

Recently it happened again: an act of terror in Nice . A single disturbed person, possibly part of an organization of disturbed people, who with a truck kills dozens of people in one fell swoop and shocks the whole world through the media.

shock wave

When an act of terror is committed, the shock wave of fear and shock spreads like an oil slick. Relatives, friends and acquaintances of the victims are sucked into the pain because they know the people involved personally. But bystanders and strangers are also affected by it.

Media as terror spreader

When it comes to acts of terror, the media jumps on it. The misery is then widely reported in the form of ‘reporting’: if there is a video of the terrorist act, it is played again, and again, causing the terror to spread all the more. Bystanders are interviewed and their shock and pain are thrown into the air.

We watch with fascination because we care about people and the world, because we think it’s bad, because we want to know what’s going on. We then share it again via social media, unwittingly spreading the terror even further. In this way we play into the hands of the terrorists perfectly. Because what is the purpose of terrorism? Exactly, sowing terror and fear.

Highly sensitive bystanders

If you are a sensitive person and you expose yourself to that stream of trauma and misery through the media, there is a good chance that you will be traumatized by it. This is known as ‘bystander trauma’. You become infected by the trauma of the other. Precisely because you feel powerless, because terror through the media is something you can’t do anything about, you can only undergo it.

If you are a highly sensitive or mediumistic person, the chance that you will be traumatized is even greater. As an HSPer you can literally sense and absorb shock energy, pain and fear from those involved. Some HSPs even unintentionally take over the spirits of the victims who died in shock (this can be done remotely) and are then left with misunderstood depressive complaints, anxiety complaints and sadness that does not resolve.

For example, a client of mine had suffered from a fear of heights for some time. The session revealed that she had energetically bonded with a woman who had died in the WTC during the 9/11 attacks . The woman turned out to have been her sister in a previous life: hence the affinity with her, through which she had let her in. 

When we caught the woman and made her aware that the drama was over, she had passed away and could safely go to the Light, she was gone in no time, and so was my client’s fear.

In addition, we as HSPer can also sense the collective fear and emotions of other spectators and subconsciously adopt them.

Old Pain Pieces

Also, your own old pain pieces from this or other lives can be touched by the images and information and come up.

I experienced it myself when someone in my circle of acquaintances was murdered. I didn’t know her personally, but when I heard the news I could feel how it affected me physically and energetically. The shock, the dismay. And not only did it touch me as a person at that moment:

I could also feel how it touched old pain points of past-life loss: the Victorian father who had lost his wife and child, the partisan father whose son was killed before his very eyes. Fortunately, as a therapist and HSPer, I was soon aware of this, and could immediately start healing the pain pieces from other lives.

How do you deal with this as a highly sensitive person?

Realize that it is all energy.

You can literally receive energy and emotion from bystanders, victims, perpetrators, care providers through your TV or tablet. This is important to know so that you can take measures to protect yourself or release the energy if it does enter.

Take a moment every day to check if you have taken energy from others (eg through the media), cleanse yourself and fill yourself with the energies of healing, divine truth and love. For example, you can enlist the help of Archangel Michael for this: all you have to do is ask in your mind.

Also, entities that you may let in as you watch in shock are essentially energy. If you are not only highly sensitive but also mediumistic, it is important to learn how to easily let go of entities that can still attach to them and send them on to the Light. See, for example, the examples and tips in my article dealing with entities .

Realize that you have a free choice.

Of course it is good to know what is happening in the world. So you can take positive action to help, or make wise decisions about where to travel or not. But you don’t have to keep looking at measuring out the drama.

If you keep focus on what you DO NOT want to experience, you will keep manifesting more of it in your life! You can choose to turn off the TV and focus on something positive, or do something positive.


Take responsibility for your own pain pieces.

If you find yourself feeling disproportionately affected by terror coverage, take responsibility for healing your own pain pieces. There are various methods and forms of therapy for this. The stronger and healer you are, the better you can contribute with your energy to a better world, just by BEING there!

Realize that you are not powerless.

As an HSPer you have strong empathy and great sensitivity at your disposal. This does not make you weaker, even if it sometimes seems that way because you can be overwhelmed by the emotions and fear of others. If you know how to deal with your high sensitivity, your empathy and sensitivity are powerful tools to help yourself and humanity.

For example, if you are well grounded and have practiced working with energy and spirits, you can even remotely help clear the energy of a place and assist lost entities in their healing and their way into the Light.


We live in a turbulent time where all the old pain pieces, both collectively and globally, as well as personally, are rising to be healed.

That can be shocking and intense. But there are also many tools available to help yourself so that you can step into your light and power, and be a beacon of love, beauty, truth and joy in this special and beautiful world.


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