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Deep Healing for Our Heartache – Notre Dame

This post is about the Notre Dame fire that started on April 15, 2019. It touches many people deeply and I have given my description here with my astrology and experiences as background.

Paris is ‘Par Isis’, the city of the goddess Isis . The soft divine primal power of the divine feminine that goes beyond the separated masculine or feminine is given the chance to be resurrected. This event is an opportunity to transcend the wounded male and female. Read below which forces are at work here. Simultaneously, there was also a fire in the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem in the prayer room. This fire was extinguished quickly and on time. The damage has been limited.

Notre Dame was on fire Monday afternoon. The translation of the word ‘Notre Dame’ is ‘our lady’. The whole of Paris and its inhabitants are deeply affected and people worldwide have been touched by this event. Notre Dame Cathedral is a cultural heritage of great historical importance.

Divine Feminine Anchor Point

Temple of Isis. Philae Island – Aswan . Picture of アーント

Energetically in Notre Dame is a powerful Isis anchorage point and thus a cosmic anchorage of the divine feminine. Around this anchorage point or perhaps you could call it a gate, there have been many trials of strength, with attempts to control and utilize this force. But the primordial power of the non-dual divine feminine in which the masculine and feminine are one, there beneath those ruins of all dualistic domination is this primordial power of the anchorage point of divinity. In the origins of Paris, Isis is anchored in the base. ‘Par Isis’, was the origin on which Paris is located.

Big Effects

When I approach all of this astrologically, the conjunction of Venus with Chiron comes to the fore. This present conjunction is about the wounded feminine. Venus is in Pisces and is connected to the collective and the greater whole. So it concerns us all. And this seen from the divine feminine anchorage point will have greater effects for Europe and the world I suspect. More than we can see.

Another holy fire

Simultaneously, there was also a fire in the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem in the prayer room. This fire was extinguished quickly and on time. You can also find a video here. Fortunately, the damage was limited.


Great forces are involved in this transformative force. Everyone approaches this from his or her own point of view. With the survival point (Priapus) in Leo and Virgo, dominance and judgments, fragmentation are involved. They are great ancient symbolisms involved in this Notre Dame fire and no doubt the forces that reign will be involved in this as well. But it is up to us whether we deal with giving these forces our attention, to feed our fear or to give space to the power of the unconditional soft heart energy. The shaft has also uncovered the original anchor point and gate. Make use of the transforming power of fire I would advise you.

Something deep is going on

Chiron is in Aries and also refers to the wounded origin, action and the wound around struggle and hardness and the wounded male. The origin is touched here and so something deep is set in motion here.

Deep Healing for Our Heartache - Notre Dame

Healing the Wounded Heart

Monday afternoon before the fire, I was making a description for this Friday’s full Moon. It deals with the theme of healing and unification of the wounded male and female. Theme is deep transformation (black Moon in Aquarius and Pisces in 8th house entering Neptune.)

Unconditional super soft love

The forerunners are in the current inner process to allow the super soft Being Essence to flow through their bodies. This Being Essence feels feminine, but in Being has integrated the Matrix (duality) and is not separated into masculine and feminine. This force can unite the hard masculine in us that must struggle for survival and the super feminine that is overrun in battle from the Cosmic Heart. The intense unconditional softness of the divine feminine is the transformer of this intense heartache in each of us. And now takes her place again in those who are ready, to the deepest material of our body.

Notre Dame booster

And in this, this event with Notre Dame is a booster that touches us deeply in our Hearts and can thus set this process in motion. This intense non-dual force can turn the most damaged surviving masculine force into repentance. But you will first be allowed to do this within yourself before this power gets its impact outside itself. Tuesday you can read more in my full Moon article, on my website and other news websites.

Which choice do you make?

It feels to me like a turning point and great reversal, this event. We can choose to use this booster of the Heart to internally integrate these wounded forces into the cosmic Heart, allowing our Being Essence (god spark) to take hold directly in matter and continue to flow into the world.


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