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Deepak Chopra: How do you actually go inside yourself


zen_walkwayThank you for this valuable question. Knowing exactly what it means to go in will solve many riddles about personal growth. Actually, everyone is already going in. If someone asks you how you feel or what you think or if you think about locking the back door, you automatically go in and get the answer. Your attention is no longer focused on the outside world, but on the inner world.

What do you find when you go in? A rich world of flowing thoughts, feelings, sensations, memories, hopes, wishes, dreams and fears. No one is immune to the temptations of this world. We experience ourselves here and everything we can imagine. But for every pleasurable experience, there is also a painful experience.

This is the starting point of our spiritual growth, for people – seeing that their pain was gathered within – through painful thoughts, memories, premonitions and guilt, sought a way out. Is it possible to go in and not experience this pain?

Even when you are feeling happy and having a good day, the shadow of the nasty things to come cannot be denied. So the level of the mind is not where the cure for the pain exists. No one can control painful thoughts.

That is why all the great spirit guides have taught us that there is another level in the mind where silence predominates. When you can experience this silence, something starts to shift in the mind. Instead of the domination of fear, guilt and other forms of inner pain, there is a quiet steady state. From this state flows a sense of well-being and security.


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