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Desire is an Instrument of Consciousness – Neale Donald Walsch

Did you know that even when your Soul is materialized (dwells in a body), your Soul embarks on a spiritual journey – often without your knowing it? You may not even be aware that you are having a spiritual encounter, but you are.

On the other hand, you can make sure that such an encounter takes place in your full consciousness. That is what it is all about in the Spiritual Steps within the Unconsciousness of the world. So here we pick up where we left off in our Bulletin last week. And now comes a little surprise. One can come to Full Realization by using one of the Ten Tools that we talked about last week. Each Instrument in itself can lead to the Sacred Experience.

In fact, this shouldn’t surprise us at all. I have already told that the Sacred Experience can take place without any instrument. Therefore, it is likely that each of those tools can lead you to the desired goal, just as you can use all of them or none of them.

So in this regard, in the weeks ahead, let us take a look at these Ten Instruments. I think you will find this series of articles very, very helpful. We will begin exploring the FIVE INSTRUMENTS OF CONSCIOUSNESS in the coming Weekly Bulletins. Then we will move on to instruments 6-10, the Instruments of the Unconscious.desire

Instrument #1: Desire

Desire was my first step towards the Consciousness of the world as it really is. I don’t think I would have done it without this desire. Perhaps for many it is the first step. Particularly the ‘average’ people who are not aware that they are entering life with a pre-existing, ‘built-in’ Knowing and who are now starting exactly from that point.

Of course, we all begin our lives with a ‘built-in’ Knowing. And that’s exactly what most of us forget – until we don’t know anymore. At the moment of the so-called Awakening, we immediately stop forgetting.

We all arrive at that point at some point, but many of us don’t arrive until after we die. Yet our goal is to achieve that Knowing during our life on Earth – and so we come back, every time we return in search of knowing ourselves in our own Experience.

This reincarnation is a happy event, not a troublesome thing, for all the experiences of physical life celebrate life itself in its extraordinary variety, and the soul enjoys this every moment, for it is the soul who created every moment of life .

For those who are still in the Forget phase, this is hard to believe. For many “average people” who join the ranks of the No-Remember, this is the biggest challenge.

Desire is the first step in the process of meeting that challenge. It announces that the Spirit has begun to perceive Itself in a new way. It almost always comes immediately after any period of growing self-awareness.

When a conscious being has become self-conscious (ie when a being is able to distinguish between himself/herself and the environment and in this way can detach from its environment), that being learns with its environment

to enter into relationships – and to desire things within those relationships, for the being understands that all things in its environment were placed there for the purpose of allowing the being to Experience what it Knows.

Only created beings of a certain consciousness can do this, because only these beings can feel desire at a certain place in the evolutionary cycle. We assume that a sea snail does not have an emotional desire for things. A dog can do this. So is a person.


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