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Detox: 5 Ways Of Natural Detoxification


Every day we feed our bodies with potential toxins, breathe them into our hearts and drag them into our homes and lives without really knowing where they will end up or how much damage they will cause. In fact, if you could take a look inside your body, you could find flame-retardant chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, plastic particles and a myriad of other substances that fuel today’s modern life.

The human body needs detoxification , the removal of toxic (or poisonous) substances, in order to allow and flow all the spiritual energies that guide us in the release of trapped and blocked energy, emotions, beliefs and thoughts. Detoxification (also called ‘detox’, which is an abbreviation of the English word ‘detoxification’) opens doors for cleansing on all levels – body, soul and spirit. And it is important to detoxify your body on a regular basis to maintain the balance with nature and ourselves.

A very interesting fact about detoxification is that detox programs are an integral part of all kinds of addiction treatment. If you were to consult in addiction clinics, the therapists will probably tell you something about detoxification.

The recent Detox Rage has reached phenomenal heights, with insanely marketing products from manufacturers promising instant cleansing and purifying in an effort to meet – and clearly take advantage of – the overwhelming market demand. There are many commercial products that claim to detoxify the body almost instantly. There is a veritable quest for the perfect detox remedy or program, which comes with a mind-boggling array of products to choose from: Detox Supplements, Colon Cleansers, Detox Foot Baths and Patches. The list is endless! And a real waste of time and money!

While we are desperately looking for THE ultimate way to detox, we overlook the ideal detox. A natural resource, easily available and it is also the ELIXER of life: Water.

If you ask me what the best, most inexpensive and effective way of detoxing is, I will suggest a detoxification using WATER. Our body has a liver and kidneys that remove toxic and other waste. All it needs is help in the form of water.

5 Ways Of Natural Detoxification

Drinking plenty of water :

Drinking more water removes toxic substances from the body in the form of sweat and urine. Drinking hot water also helps to clear the nasal passages. By the way, you can also open clogged sinuses in 1 minute in a completely natural waydetoxify

Steam or sweat bath

There is a good reason why people have used sweat baths for hygienic and health purposes since the Stone Age. That’s because sweating has proven its effectiveness in flushing out toxins and disease and in maintaining optimal physical as well as mental health. The skin is our largest organ that removes waste products through perspiration. Heat causes toxic substances to be released from the cells and into the lymphatic fluid .

Since sweat is made from lymphatic fluid, the toxins from the lymph will be released as soon as the body starts to sweat. Sweating occurs naturally during strenuous activities such as exercise, but also by exposure to the sun, or being in a warm room. In saunas (dry heat) or steam baths (moist heat), sweat production is deliberately activated for therapeutic purposes. This ‘sweat (hypothermic) therapy’ not only releases toxic substances but also relaxes the muscles and relieves discomfort and aches. By removing toxins through the skin through sweat, the liver and kidneys are partially relieved, so for those with impaired liver or kidney function, this can be a safe method of detoxification .

detox sauna

detox bath

The working principle of a detox bath is to invigorate the groin and genital area for 10 minutes a day or longer, depending on your initial condition and the results you want to achieve. This process creates a vibration in the connective tissue that initiates an opposite effect, transporting undigested fats and residual toxins back to the intestines where they are later removed.

Salt water rinse

It is interesting to know that a salt water rinseoften does a better (and cheaper) ‘work’ in detoxifying your intestines than a colonic . Dissolve 2 level teaspoons of salt in (more than) 1 liter of warm water. Drink this in the morning on an empty stomach. After you have drunk the whole liter of water, you should massage the abdomen for a while and it is advised to be near a toilet. You can think of a salt water rinse as a bath for the inside of your body, drawing toxins from your entire digestive system. If you can imagine that all the waste products are trapped in your digestive system – such as the sludge and other deposits that build up inside a garden hose or drains – it makes sense that your stomach would benefit from a good flush.


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