Detox according to Ayurveda: prepare yourself for spring and very spring fatigue

Detox according to Ayurveda: prepare yourself for spring and very spring fatigue

Do you suffer from winter bacon, a hazy head, and the feeling that you can’t get ahead at the end of winter (spring fatigue)? Then it’s time to give your body a helping hand by doing a detox! With a detox according to Ayurveda, you take off your old winter coat, as it were. The heaviness and sluggishness of winter then give way to the freshness energy of spring. Exactly according to the rhythm of nature.

Time for the spring detox according to Ayurveda!

What is detox?

Detoxing is something that your own body continuously does on its own. It does this via your liver for the production of bile and via your kidneys, intestines, skin, and lungs for the excretion of waste. That’s a good thing, otherwise, we would all be dead a long time ago. Every now and then it’s a good idea to give your body a helping hand. This has been done in Ayurveda since time immemorial in the form of detoxing.

Detox according to Ayurveda: prepare yourself for spring and very spring fatigue

When to detox

The most logical period for detox is at the change of the seasons. This can be explained very nicely from Ayurveda; for example, the transition from winter to spring. Winter and early spring are characterized in Ayurveda by ‘Kapha’ properties. Kapha has the qualities oily, cool, heavy, slow, slimy and sticky. These are more present in nature during the winter and also with us as humans, on a physical, mental, and emotional level. That is not so strange because we are just part of that nature!

At some point, there may be a surplus of Kapha properties. Your body cannot get rid of this on its own. Winter bacon, a fuzzy head, and the feeling of not being ahead (the spring fatigue) are all signs of an excess of Kapha in your body. Then ‘Ama’ arises and that means as much as accumulated toxins, unprocessed food, or dung substances. Psychologically, Ama is the result of holding negative emotions. Ama would rather not hold you in your body. It makes everything slow down. It forms a ballast that you do not want to carry around with you. Because that costs an unnecessary amount of energy.

How do you get Ama away?

You get Ama away by raising ‘Agni’; your digestive fire. Compare this to cooking food. When you cook food, you are actually predigesting it. You cut the structures into small pieces, making it easier for your body to further digest and absorb. A cooked carrot, for example, is much easier (easier) to digest than a raw carrot.

Detox according to Ayurveda: prepare yourself for spring and very spring fatigue

With that raw carrot, your internal digestive fire must be stoked high, while for a cooked carrot it only needs to be stoked a little. Viewed through the Eastern lens, you have to increase the Agni for a good detox according to Ayurveda. Viewed through the Western lens of physiology, you improve and support digestion by detoxing. So that comes down to exactly the same thing!

How to get a better Agni? In Ayurveda, the use of a bitter taste stops the production of more Ama, and thus supports the Agni. Physiologically speaking, the same bitter substances support the liver and stomach in the production of digestive juices such as bile and enzymes. Here you see again: East and West often have the same (good) ideas, just wrapped in a different piece of paper! Conclusion: using bitter foods is important to support your digestion, your Agni, and get Ama away. Bitter food is therefore an important part of a gentle detox.

A gentle detox according to Ayurveda

Detoxing is hip these days. Take a look at what’s available online. You can follow the most intense and extreme detox programs with juices, pills, spicy rinses, and superfoods for correspondingly heavy euros! Why is this intense? Because it’s not natural. It does not go with the rhythm of nature, with the logic and wisdom of your body. Because your body, and by that I mean your mind, is beautifully put together. Fighting against it takes a lot of energy. In the end, you won’t beat yourself. It is much smarter to go with your own nature. Just by giving your body a helping hand with something it’s always been doing.

Detox according to Ayurveda: prepare yourself for spring and very spring fatigue

A gentle detox according to Ayurveda is nothing more than giving your system a few extra days of rest. So that your body can carry out that major cleaning itself with ease. Plus some extra support for a while so that all the heavy, leftover clutter from the winter period can find its way outside. Just like with the big spring cleaning: after that cleaning, everything feels much lighter and fresher. It is really not necessary to renovate or move your entire house. Just clean well. Get rid of excess items and repair broken items. The same goes for your body. Make room for new and lighter energy. Not only on a physical but also on a mental and emotional level. The energy that suits spring!

A gentle detox: 7 tips

A gentle detox will help strip off your jacket of accumulated junk you’ve accumulated over the past season. Such a detox is gentle because it supports the natural processes of your body. You don’t live on juices and you don’t go hungry. Here are my 7 tips for a soft variant:

Detox according to Ayurveda: prepare yourself for spring and very spring fatigue

  1. Drink enough. Detoxing releases a lot of waste. Sufficient moisture is required to be able to excrete these as well. Dark urine is an indication of insufficient fluid intake, even when you are not detoxing.
  2. Eat as many organic products as possible. Firstly, these do not entail any additional toxic substances in the form of (residual) pesticides. Secondly, non-organic crops are often adapted for bitterness. That is, the bitter taste has been bred out of it.
  3. Don’t eat raw fruits and vegetables. By stoking the digestive fire outside your body (namely in your pan), there is less load on your internal digestive fire, your Agni.
  4. Eat many bitter crops; such as:
    Vegetables: broccoli, chicory, and cabbage
    Herbs: rosemary, oregano, thyme, and basil
    Fruit: apple, pear, and pineapple
  5. Avoid bad food. It probably won’t surprise you: it’s better not to take sugar, deep-fryer, grains, dairy, soy and meat. These all have a negative influence on good digestion in their own way.
  6. Drink golden milk. A blend of digestive-supporting spices in plant-based milk.
  7. Make a plan. Without a plan, according to Ayurveda, a detox remains just a collection of good wishes.


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