Detoxing with herbs: removing unwanted substances from your body


Detox. In this article I want to take you into the world of detoxing. This is a very broad concept with just as many applications. Detoxification is the purification and removal of unwanted substances or substances that are foreign to the body. This can be both external and internal. Of course, we all do external cleaning by washing ourselves. This article is about our internal cleaning: cleaning up waste.

Detoxing is also called detoxification: the removal of unwanted substances from our body.

Natural detox with herbs

The do’s and don’ts around this topic are too extensive to be discussed in one article. Yet there is a very valuable way to support your body in this that I do not want to withhold from you. One that is very simple and also largely supported by science. And that is by using herbs. And of course you will immediately receive a few tasty smoothie recipes from me to get started today!

Herbs have been eaten for centuries and used as a beneficial remedy for all kinds of ailments. But also with liver and intestinal cleansing; rituals associated with detoxing.

These herbal recipes used to come from so-called ‘herb women’. Or rather: wise, smart women with knowledge of the medicinal effect of herbs. Nevertheless, science has been interested in the elaboration of this for a long time and solid research is also being done.

detox; your body knows exactly what to do.

Detoxing sounds like you need to help your body get rid of waste. Because it wouldn’t be able to do that on its own. This is a misunderstanding. A healthy body is very capable of getting rid of unnecessary substances. It is even standard for a large part of a 24-hour period.

Important organs for this are your liver, your kidneys and your lymphatic system . But your intestines, skin and lungs also belong to the so-called excretory organs. Your gut through stool, your skin through its ability to perspire, and your lungs excrete carbon dioxide, ammonia, and alcohol. Sounds like a good working team right? And that is it. Your body is perfectly capable of running like a well-oiled machine.

A healthy body is very capable of removing toxins and waste.

But we don’t make it easy for our bodies

A major caveat here is that we have made it a bit more difficult for our body to rid it of ballast . Long ago, we lived in a time when we spent most of the day scurrying around foraging for our own unsprayed food. Back then there were no fast food restaurants and Chinese takeaways. No one had ever heard of a pharmacy. Cars and airplanes hadn’t been invented yet. And we certainly weren’t glued to Netflix to binge-watch series.

Our bodies have hardly changed through evolution, but the circumstances have. For example, we now receive a much larger dose of unrecognizable substances such as exhaust gases and particulate matter, processed and refined food, medicines (residues), alcohol and so on. We move less, we eat throughout the day. That doesn’t do the detoxification process any good.

herbs for detoxing

Detox because your body also produces waste products

Supporting the removal of waste where possible is therefore not such a crazy idea. Incidentally, our body also produces the necessary waste that must be removed. Burning the energy we need every day to stay alive also creates the necessary waste products and I’m not just talking about our stools.

Nowadays, detoxing is often done by means of juice cures, fasting, enemas, etc. But in this article I am talking about the function of herbs in detoxing . The beauty of it is that you can easily weave this into everyday life and don’t have to take any rigorous steps for it. Because herbs come in a beautiful package: full of vitamins, minerals and healthy plant substances. For a big detox boost!

Our bodies have hardly changed through evolution, but the world we live in has

Chlorophyll to detox from heavy metals

Herbs are hard green in color. Green vegetables and herbs without a doubt mean that they are interesting for your health. One of those special substances is chlorophyll . A green color pigment which can be found in all kinds of green vegetables and herbs. The darker green the leaf, the more chlorophyll it contains. Chlorella and spirulina (algae) are also full of them. You can also count these as powerful detoxifiers.

The darker the leaf, the more chlorophyll it contains.

Help your liver

Chlorophyll is able to remove toxins, especially heavy metals. So a helping hand for the liver, which has taken on this task. Heavy metals are tiny harmful particles that can be found in our food. Think of mercury, lead and cadmium. The cell wall of chlorophyll binds these substances to itself. This makes them easy to dispose of. We can ingest heavy metals, for example, by eating wild fish, drinking tap water or (non-organic) vegetables from the open ground. But we can also ingest heavy metals by simply breathing.

Chlorophyll is able to remove toxins, especially heavy metals.

Green plants contain plenty of chlorophyll

All herbs contain a high content of chlorophyll. This makes them powerful detoxifiers. But I’m not talking about a twig here or a blade there. In order for them to do their job well, you need to get a lot of them inside. A large bunch of parsley on your plate is of course impossible. But by grinding herbs, there is little left of such an enormous amount. So put them in your blender and make a delicious green herb smoothie today. Then especially process the following herbs in it, because they are the toppers of detoxification.


Among other things, this herb promotes effective kidney function . It inhibits kidney stones and kidney swelling and can help cure urinary tract infections. Because the kidneys play such an important role in the internal cleansing and detoxification of the body, parsley is an ideal food that can lend a helping hand.

The herb also has a diuretic effect. It is of course important that you drink enough. I mean water, right :-)!


Coriander also helps remove heavy metals from your body. Especially metals such as lead and mercury bind to the coriander and can leave the body through the digestive tract.

Coriander is also known as “chelation therapy for the poor”. Chelation therapy is a complicated and expensive treatment method in which heavy metals are removed from the blood. Since fresh coriander is widely available and inexpensive, everyone can enjoy the benefits of this powerful herb.


Spring is the time to get out there and pick the fresh buds of dandelions. An even cheaper option than coriander to help your body get rid of heavy metals. Just like parsley, dandelion also has a diuretic effect .

milk thistle

Milk thistle is a bit of a strange duck in this list, because it is much less known than the other herbs in this article. However, this herb should not be missing. It has a major influence on the functioning of the liver.

Research has shown that milk thistle is able to change the external layer of liver cells, preventing any toxic substances from entering the liver cells (2). In addition, milk thistle promotes the production of new liver cells and neutralizes all kinds of toxins . Did you know that in natural medicine, milk thistle is even used to prevent fatty liver after an excess of alcohol, medication and anesthesia?

Milk thistle is a powerful herb when it comes to supporting your liver.

herb garden

Herb garden

Fresh herbs can therefore stand on a pedestal! Try to use them in, on or with your dishes as often as possible. Every little bit helps. Do not heat fresh herbs, as a large part of the flavor and nutrients will be lost.

If you have a garden or balcony, you may enjoy growing fresh herbs yourself. This can also be done in pots. Parsley is especially good. Give it a try. No green fingers? You can now buy jars of organic herbs in the supermarket.

Below you will find two inspirational recipes to do more with herbs, with the smoothie as a starting point. Tasty and extra effective!

Parsley smoothie with pineapple and cucumber (sweet)

1 hand full fresh parsley
½ cucumber, diced
1 slice fresh pineapple, diced
1 tbsp lemon juice
Splash of coconut milk
Optional: some crushed linseed

Coriander smoothie with avocado (fresh)

1 avocado, pitted
100 grams of fresh spinach
1 handful of fresh coriander
½ hand of fresh basil
Juice of ½ lime
250 ml coconut water
For those who dare: ½ red pepper, chopped

That’s how you make it

Choose one of the recipes and put all ingredients in a blender. Mix until smooth. For a thinner smoothie, add some extra coconut milk or water.




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