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Diana Cooper on Angels and Ascension

Angels and Ascension~The Hour That Changed a Life

Eighteen years ago, Diana Cooper was in the process of divorce and could see no future for herself. In deep despair—even though she had no religious background—Diana asked for Divine intervention. “I said, ‘If there’s anything out there, show it to me – and you’ll have an hour.’” “An angel came and literally took me out of my body.

I flew with a golden six foot tall angel over people who had rainbow auras. The angel told me telepathically that it meant that they were open and spiritually evolved people. There were people with rays of light shining through them and I knew this meant getting rid of my anger and fear. This one-hour experience with the angel changed Diana’s life forever. After this experience she trained as a hypnotherapist,

A second encounter with angels

Archangel Haniel
An angel came and literally took me out of my body

After having written four books Diana again asked for guidance and again she was visited by angels. This time they said they wanted her to introduce them to other people.

Diana felt that she knew nothing about angels but they convinced her that she did – she was simply unaware of her knowledge. And when she protested that she really didn’t want to do this, the angels told her to discern whether it was a reaction from her ego or from her Higher Self.

“I went to bed, and three angels came and gave me all kinds of information about how Source sent so many angels here at this time with the planet’s shift. I saw them quite often afterwards. I completely changed my classes and only learned about angels.”

Since then, Diane has had more experiences with angels.

Angel Inspiration

In the middle of the night, a circle of angels circled Diana’s bed, pouring golden light over her. As she floated above the bed, filled with a sense of wonder and awe, they told her they wanted her to write Angel Inspiration. She put aside a novel she was working on and worked 14 hours a day until she finished the book.

“They kept me all this time and just passed things along. That book completely carries the angelic energy.”

clearing our thoughts

In A Little Light on Ascension , Diana writes, “Ascension means we need to raise our vibration to the level of Light. Every thought, word, emotion and action is a vibration that creates our aura, and so Ascension involves cleansing our thoughts, purifying our emotions and choosing loving actions for the highest good of others until we radiate that level. Then we will live in joy and freedom.”

We need to clear ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically, and we would forgive and let go of any negative emotions we have about certain relationships. These emotions leave residues in the cells of the body and in the aura.

We choose between being a victim or becoming a master

angelNegative thoughts keep us anchored in the third dimension. And when we refuse to let them go, we unconsciously say, “I prefer holding on to this pain over ascension”, or “I would rather hold on to my fear of failure than ascend”.

We can use any moment as an opportunity for spiritual growth because every thought we think either raises or lowers our vibrational frequency.

We can choose to be victims living in the third dimension with anger and fear or elation in various circumstances. If we choose to become fifth-dimensional humans, we will learn to stay centered and not expend too much energy swinging from one emotional extreme to another.

Carry light and live like a Master

Ascension is about living your life like a master, Diana explains.

There was a time when people could not carry enough Light in their bodies and to reach that frequency they had to ‘transition’. But I think that’s long gone. We have now developed our awareness and ability to carry more Light. We can hold this Light and live our lives as we radiate this Light.

People who carry more Light can choose to remain on Earth to lead the others forward. When they transition, they can choose to come back to help raise the masses and serve humanity. They can lead children forward, or help prisoners, or out-of-body service by helping the dying. Others may choose to work on the other side with people who need healing and help.

The more Light we have in our cells, the closer we are to Ascension

“To get to the Third Initiate,” explains Diana, “we need to have a Light level of 50 percent. Then we merge with our Soul or Monad. The Light level for the fourth initiation is 62 percent, after which we leave the Wheel of Rebirth. For the Fifth Initiation, the Light level is 75 percent. For the Sixth Initiation and Ascension we need a Light level of 80 or 83 percent. To achieve the Seventh Initiation and become a full Ascended Master we need a Light level of 92 percent. Then it is no longer possible to maintain a physical body.

Angel with birdsFulfilling our life mission

In order to ascend, we must complete the mission we have undertaken for this life on Earth.

“Some people have an inner knowing that they are doing what they came for. Others will have to access the blueprint of their lives in meditation.”

It’s important that those who are not on their true path get on it, Diana said. Sometimes we linger for many lifetimes before we find our true life mission. To fulfill our life mission, we must learn to keep our minds on our goal until it happens. When we raise our vibrational level things happen through faith.

Ascension is like teamwork

Ascension is not about individuals advancing forward but about the Ascension of Soul Families and Soul Groups which are groups of equally vibrating people.

“I believe Ascension is like teamwork. We do not ascend in isolation,” Diana said.

Since we don’t know who is in our Soul group we can slow down our Ascension by not liking a specific person who is the key to moving our group forward.

Sending our minds at night

Even in the body, people go to other galaxies and bring back help and Light. This can take place in or out of your body, whether you do it during sleep or after death.

“I have been to other galaxies and have spoken to Councils and asked for help for the planet. I never planned it in advance, it’s always something that just happens.” Diana suggested that we can send our minds at night by saying, for example, that we want to send our minds to Archangel Gabriel’s room for purification and release. We will then have a dream of purification and as we return in the morning we will experience a slight shift.

People tell me that after being in these rooms, the pains they had all their lives were gone.

We can also take other people to these rooms. Those who go to the Ascension Chambers or Archangel Refugees at night will come back and have made a shift in consciousness.

Angel waterfall

Visiting the Ascension Chambers

Diana advises those wishing to visit an Ascension Chamber to first visit chambers on Earth before traveling to the galactic.

There are two Ascension Chambers in the UK. One is above the Findhorn River and is cared for by Archangel Gabriel. Another is in Avebury. Sanat Kumara has an Ascension Chamber in Shamballa and Serapis Bey has one in Luxor.

There are also Ascension Chambers in Giza and Mount Shasta, California. Ashtar’s spaceship is an Ascension Seat and there is an Ascension Seat in an underground alien ship in Africa. Diana’s book offers exercises to help people visit this and other Ascension chambers.

Archangel Sanctuaries

Every Archangel has a refuge in the etheric above our planet. Some of them include:

  • Archangel Michael ‘s ethereal refuge is over Banff, Canada. It protects against attack or evil and strengthens divine will and trust.
  • Archangel Jophiel has a refuge to the south of the Great Wall in China. This refuge helps people to overcome ignorance.
  • Archangel Chamuel has a refuge in the ethereal above St. Louis, Missouri, which helps expand the flame of love.
  • Archangel Gabriel has a refuge above Mount Shasta in California, which offers clarity, purity, order and discipline. His refuge in Findhorn, mentioned earlier, is for purification and awakening.
  • Archangel Raphael’s etheric realm about Fatima, Portugal, aids travelers and healers.
  • Archangel Uriel’s refuge in the Tatra Mountains of Poland helps people find freedom by helping them let go of fears.
  • Archangel Zadkiel works with the Violet Flame in the etheric realm over Cuba, showing people how to find tolerance and forgiveness.
  • Archangel Metatron enters through Findhorn and helps people find truth and honesty within themselves and others.

instant karma

In a fifth dimensional consciousness, everything we send out comes back to us tenfold. According to Diana, we pay back our debt in the higher realms very quickly and receive instant karma. “This means that when you have a negative thought or perform an unworthy act, the consequence will immediately come back to you like a boomerang.”

Instant karma is something to be thankful for, it gives us the opportunity to close the books. We are at this level when we live our lives in service to others and when we ask ourselves, “Is this the highest I can do? Is this the highest way I can trade? How did I create this?” When we do this, Diana explains, we enter the fifth dimension as a Master.

Body changes that accompany the dimensional shift.

archangel sandalphonIn the past, there was an additional burst of energy during the full moon.

But now people are being “shuffled up” because high frequency energy is coming through and they are not sure what is happening. It changes their energy field even though they are not aware of it. As a result, many people experience changes in their bodies.

“We all have angelic qualities and for some people, when the angelic qualities come in, their angel wings that they have in the etheric begin to grow. They sometimes feel pain behind their shoulders.

People also get headaches while clearing their Third Eye. Diana writes that people no longer have to leave their physical bodies at Ascension. They can live as before but they will sparkle and shine at a higher vibration.

The Chakras

The Chakra System changes as we move from the third to the fourth and fifth dimensions.

Sometimes people feel physical pain when the old negative energy that has been trapped in the chakras for a long time begins to be released as their energy becomes lighter.

In the third dimension, the colors of the seven chakras are the colors of the rainbow and they become white light when they rotate in perfect harmony. Diana writes that as we expand into fourth dimensional beings, “The first seven chakras will move progressively to the legs. …

When the first seven chakras move down to the legs, the next seven will descend one by one to take their place. (The ninth chakra moves to the base, etc.) Then we move to the fourth dimension and our personality merges with the soul.”

When our fourth-dimensional chakras are open (nine to fifteen), we have the opportunity for intergalactic communication and work. Chakras sixteen to two-two are four-dimensional chakras.

Further information about these chakras, which comes in for everyone, can be found in Angel Inspiration.

angel-blue-skyThe planet and all beings will ascend to the fifth dimension in 2012

The shift to a fifth-dimensional way of life should take place by 2012. This is the end of the Mayan calendar, the Second Coming of the Christ and the center of the inhalation and exhalation of Brahma.

“It’s a very important date. It is a time when enough people will have their consciousness raised to elevate everyone to the next level. We can move towards a planet of peace, harmony, mutual reinforcement and cooperation instead of conflict.” In A Little Light on Ascension,

Diana tells us these are incredible times. Those who are attuned to the higher vibrations and who prescribe themselves to assist in the birth of the planet into the fifth dimension and Ascension will receive rewards beyond their greatest comprehension.


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