Discover a deeper and softer energy from your heart: your inner strength

Discover a deeper and softer energy from your heart: your inner strength
Did you know that there is actually a big difference between willpower and inner strength? In my practice, I often see that when we want something very badly, we tend to achieve it with willpower. There is nothing wrong with that, but did you know that there is also a softer power in you? A deeper power that comes from your heart: your inner strength. 

The difference between willpower and inner strength

From the “outside” two situations can look exactly the same, but both can be executed from a completely different intent. One is nourished by willpower, the other by inner strength. But how exactly does that work? And then what’s the difference? Below I have put the two side by side.

You may recognize yourself in this:

Willpower Inner power
A ‘hard’ goal in your head Contact with a deeper desire
Is it in your head Is it in your heart/body/deeper
Feels like a ‘must’ or push through It feels like a longing or wanting
Feels like ‘failure’ when it doesn’t work out Feels like ‘learning’ when it doesn’t work
Strand/hardness soft power
Goes beyond how you feel (e.g. tired) Tunes in to how you feel and what you need
Looks to the outside world Listens to inner voice
Listens to how others are doing, or how it used to be Tunes in to how you want to do it, and what you need

Do you experience the difference between taking action from willpower or from inner/soft power?


An example where these two forces can be “used” differently is in weight loss or sports;

  • You look at how others are doing: “It works for her/him. I should too. ” Willpower.
  • What worked last time: “It worked last time, didn’t it? Why not now? That button has to be turned!”
  • You are going to address yourself sternly: “I have to be stronger. Tougher for myself. What a failure I am.”
  • You will analyze: “Last time this, with that, maybe that diet, that sport.”
  • You stay in your head and get further and further away from your own great fountain of wisdom and knowledge.

You can certainly achieve a lot with willpower, but… The truth is, you as a person are always changing. Your hormones, your body, everything changes constantly. And so also your desires and your needs… What you need and what you want. Something that has always worked before may suddenly stop working… And that’s where many sometimes get confused and go completely into willpower.

Living from your inner strength

Discover a deeper and softer energy from your heart: your inner strength

Okay, I may have made you aware of the difference between willpower and inner strength… But how do you choose to live from your inner strength?

Believe me, that’s something you can teach yourself! And whatever you can practice. When you are faced with an action/choice, you first try to tune in to your own body and your own desires, and then ask yourself the question in a loving, inquiring voice: “I am curious… How can I feel more comfortable in my body can feel, which sport suits me NOW, which diet… I’m curious…” If you are honest in this curious open approach, you listen to your inner strength.

Ask your body, your inner knowing, instead of your head. Then miracles happen! Do you recognize this? Or do you already have situations in which you could point this out to yourself? In what areas of your life do you often do things by willpower? And where do you follow the flow of your inner strength much more?

Tuning into your body, your inner guidance/voice is something you can learn. You can go from willpower to inner strength. You can choose soft power, and pay attention… It’s soft but still powerful! Believe me, you will live much more from freedom, and lightness. And what suits you at that moment.



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