Discover the secret of a healing walk…

Discover the secret of a healing walk…
Walking is not always relaxing and refreshing. It can even make the rush and chaos in your head even bigger! Intuitive coach Jolanda Hoogkamer gives some advice in this article on which a walk does become healing. “Walk in silence, without talking or listening to music or a podcast.”

All the worry disappears into the background. You relax and at the same time you recharge yourself.

This just brings unrest

Walking is a nice way to relax if you are not lost in thought. By walking consciously and using all your senses, you make the effect of walking even more powerful: you relax, recharge yourself and release stress.

Perhaps you recognize it: you are walking and meanwhile very busy with something in your mind. Then your walk is by no means restful. In fact, you can start to worry more and become even more restless. This is because you pay attention to your thoughts, which actually amplifies them. Because everything you give attention to grows! You are a walking head then, I sometimes say jokingly.

Which also does not help: not being completely there, for example, because you are talking to someone, listening to a podcast, or being distracted in some other way. It ensures that you are not in the moment with your attention. You are not in connection with your body and with your energy. As a result, you miss the healing power of the walk and of nature.

Discover the secret of a healing walk…


Tips: this way your walk will be healing

With a few small adjustments, you can turn your walk into a healing moment. You automatically get out of your head; all the worry disappears into the background. You relax and at the same time, you recharge yourself. The easiest way to achieve this is to do a guided walking meditation. Later in this article, you’ll find two (they’re free!). In these meditations, you are literally and figuratively guided step by step.

But you can also make your walk healing without walking meditation. Make sure you are in the moment with your attention. Walk-in silence, without talking or listening to music or a podcast. Take each step very consciously and feel how your feet make contact with the ground again and again. Use your senses to perceive the environment: how does the wind feel against your skin? What sounds do you hear from nature? Maybe animals? What do you smell? It can also be nice to pause, close your eyes, and consciously activate your senses.

Walking meditation 1: Connect with your heart

During this guided walking meditation you consciously make contact with your heart, nature, and everything that lives. The meditation has a healing effect on your body and mind and lasts half an hour. The music then continues for another 30 minutes. Fine if you want to take a long walk.

Walking Meditation 2: To relax and recharge

This is a walking meditation to deeply relax and recharge yourself. You consciously make contact with yourself, so that you can relax. The meditation begins with walking. Then you may find a place to close your eyes and focus your attention on yourself.



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