Discover the secret of eternal youth (courtesy of wise Himalayan Masters)


For the masters of the Far East, eternal youth was no secret. They knew the recipe to keep the body and mind young. In this article, you can read an excerpt from The Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding from the teachings of Siddha.

Joyful thoughts, loving thoughts, thoughts about ideals create the beauty called youth.

Youthfulness is natural

Remember that youth is the seed of love that God has planted in the divine-human form. Youth is in fact divinity in man; youth is the spiritual life, the life of beauty. Only life lives and loves, the one eternal life. Old age is unspiritual, mortal, ugly, and unreal. Thoughts of fear, thoughts of pain, and thoughts of sadness create the ugliness called old age. Joyful thoughts, loving thoughts, and thoughts about ideals create the beauty called youth. Old age is but a shell in which is the gem of reality – the jewel of youth.

Discover the secret of eternal youth (courtesy of wise Himalayan Masters)

Creating youthfulness while sleeping

Train yourself in acquiring youth consciousness. Visualize the Divine Child within you.

Whisper to your consciousness before you fall asleep in:

I now realize that within me is a spiritual joyful body, always young, always beautiful. I have a beautiful spiritual mind, nose, mouth, skin and eyes: the body of the Divine Child, which is now, tonight, perfect.

Repeat this affirmation and quietly meditate on it as you fall asleep.

When you get up in the morning you say out loud to yourself:

My dear So-and-so (call yourself by name), a divine alchemist lives within you.

Through the spiritual power of these assurances a change has taken place during the night and the unfolding from within, the Spirit, has permeated this spiritual body, this spiritual temple. The alchemist, who dwells in us, has removed dead and withered cells and has brought forth the gold of a new skin of imperishable health and sweetness. Verily, where divine love manifests, eternal youth reigns.

The divine alchemist lives in my temple and is constantly creating new and clean young cells. The spirit of youth dwells in my temple – this divine body – and all is well. Peace, peace.

Kindness and joy

Discover the secret of eternal youth (courtesy of wise Himalayan Masters)

Learn to smile as kindly as a child. A smile straight from the soul is spiritual relaxation. A real smile is something of true beauty, a work of art of the “Immortal Inner Lord”. It is good to confirm:

I think a kind thought for the whole world. May the whole world be happy and blessed.

Before starting the day’s work, confirm:

Within me is a perfect form, the Divine form. I am now everything I long to be! I imagine my beautiful being daily, until I breathe life into it

Learn to imbue yourself with joy. Confirm:

Infinite love fills my mind and imbues my body with its perfect life.

Make everything about you light and beautiful. Cultivate a humorous spirit. Enjoy the sunshine.


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