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Discover the whole secret of the law of attraction here

I first heard about the law of attraction in 2003 and was immediately fascinated. I am now an expert in this magical law. With the law of attraction you enable what you want, live in abundance and make your dreams come true. Usually the knowledge is limited to pronouncing affirmations, positive thinking, visualizing what you want and making mood boards. You’ve probably tried it all. And does it work for you? Are you already living in abundance? Have you realized all your dreams? no? Then read on.

If your dreams haven’t come true yet,it’s because you’re missing important informationThe law of attraction consists of much more than just positive thinking. In this article you will discover the whole secret of the law of attraction.

What is the law of attraction?

Everything in the universe is made up of vibration. The law of attraction is the universal law that like vibrations attract each other. When you put three bass guitars in a room, and you touch a string of one bass guitar, the strings of the other bass guitars will resonate with it. If someone sings a very high C, this vibration can cause a glass to break.

Vibrations are also called frequencies. That’s how a radio station works, that’s how a telephone and a television work. By setting the radio to a particular station, it transmits a frequency. The radio station also broadcasts on this frequency and so the frequencies meet and you can listen to the music you choose. The proverbs ‘kind seeks kind’ and ‘he who sows shall reap’ also stem from this law.

Thoughts and feelings also consist of vibrations. Everything you send out resonates with similar words, thoughts and emotions in your environment. And then you attract that to you. Your current situation is the sum of all your thoughts, words, and emotions from the past. Because you have drawn it to you, consciously, but mostly unconsciously.

Make your dreams come true with the law of attraction

You are a co-creator of your life. You have a lot more influence on your life than you think. It is absolutely possible to live in abundance and make your dreams come true. That’s what the law of attraction teaches you. However, most books about this teach you to create mood boards , visualize your dreams and say affirmations . This definitely works, but it’s often not enough. If you have already sent many wishes into the universe and made many affirmations and they do not come true, it is because you are missing important information.HSP and the holidays

The whole secret of the law of attraction

The whole law of attraction has four parts. All four are needed. If you leave one out, you won’t get what you want.

1. Power of thought
2. Power of emotion
3. Doing
4. Receiving and allowing

1. Thought Power

Positive thoughts attract positive thoughts and situations. Negative thoughts attract negative thoughts and situations. That’s how the law of attraction works. Research shows that 72% of our thoughts are negative. Consider what this means for the law of attraction. Because if only 1/4 of your thoughts are positive and 3/4 negative, then the balance will tip to your negative thoughts and that’s what attracts you.

how about you? Watch what you all think. All judgments you have about others and yourself are usually negative. How often do you judge? How often do you really think positively about yourself and others? Do you tend to criticize yourself or the other person? Do you believe you are worth it? That you’re good enough? Are you always confident and in good spirits? Or do you ever doubt yourself? Do you always dare to follow your heart? If not, what’s stopping you? Often these are your limiting beliefs.

Everything you give attention grows

If you want the law of attraction to bring you what you want, it is important to think positively, to pay attention to your empowering beliefs. Because everything you give your attention grows. Overcome and transform your negative thoughts.

Positive thinking, affirming, visualizing and creating mood boards work very well, because it allows you to focus your attention on what you want. But as I said at the beginning of this article, this is usually not enough. It is not complete, because the law of attraction contains three more important elements.

2. Emotional Power

Emotions send out vibrations just like your thoughts. This is the second reason why the law of attraction doesn’t seem to work. The law of attraction does not only consist of the power of thought, it also consists of the power of emotion. If you just think, say, or visualize something positive but you don’t really believe it, it won’t work. For example, if you affirm that you are successful, that you want more money or that you want to be happier, but deep in your heart you doubt yourself, you don’t think you are good enough, you are afraid to show yourself, or you dare If you are not successful, no mood board, no affirmation and no visualization will work.

Your heart is 6000 times stronger than your brain

From research by Gregg Braden and the Heartmath InstituteIt turns out that your heart is the strongest generator of electromagnetic fields in your body. Your heart is 6000 times stronger than your brain! If you wish from your heart, from your desire, from positive feelings, this has a super positive effect on the law of attraction. Don’t just affirm that you want more money.

Focus on the things you will do with all that money, which will make it possible for you. Which wishes are fulfilled? And how does that feel? If you focus your attention on your desire and the joy you feel when your desire is realized, you raise your vibrational frequency and you start to attract what you want.If you focus on your fear, you will lower your vibrational frequency and you will spiral downward and you will only attract more worry and fear.Infinity

3. Do

The third element of the law of attraction is doing. Because if you only think and feel positively and tune in to your soul and your mission, then nothing will happen. In addition to positive feelings and thoughts, you also need inspired action. Every day, every week, every month, it’s important to take your biggest small step towards your dream, towards your goal.

Take your biggest small step every day

towards your desire

You are co-creator of the universe. You have the initiative. The universe answers, facilitates you, stands behind you unconditionally. But you are the one who gets the movement going. It is important that you always take your biggest possible small step towards your desire. This is essential. It’s not like you send your wish out into the universe and then you can wait and do nothing. That’s not how it works. It is very important to do. Only then can you set the movement in motion and only then can the universe respond. Then you will create miracles and make your dreams come true.

4. Receive and admit

And then there is one last step that is needed to complete the effect, to realize your dreams and walk your life path: receiving and allowing.

We tend to give a lot and we find it difficult to really receive. Beautiful opportunities often present themselves or great opportunities pass by, but you do not dare to take them up. You let them pass. You dare not take them. If you want to grow personally and spiritually , to live your full potential, it is important to receive the gifts of the universe. The universe is always behind you. If you rely on that, the right things, the right people will always come your way at the right time. It is important to be open to what you receive. Because it may come in a different form than you expected.

love yourself

The most important key to being able to really receive and allow what the world and the universe give you is to love yourself. It is so important that you consider yourself worth it. That you dare to be successful and step into your greatness. Loving yourself is the foundation of everything. When you love yourself, your vibrational frequency is automatically high. The first step to loving yourself is to have compassion for yourself.

That you completely accept yourself as you are with all your pluses and minuses. That you stop judging. Non-judgment frees you and gives you all the space to be yourself and to live your full potential.If you love yourself, are happy with yourself and find yourself worthwhile, then that is what attracts you into your life and you can receive it fully.

Knowledge alone is not enough…

With these 4 elements you have the whole secret of the law of attraction. It is important to realize that knowledge alone is not enough. To live in joy, love and abundance and to live the life you want, it is important that you consciously integrate all four elements of the law of attraction into your life every day. That you always consciously choose positive thoughts and feelings. That you consciously pay attention to what you want.

That you dare to face your fears and develop the courage to overcome your fears. That you consciously take your biggest possible small step every dayset on the path to your desire and that you transform all the blocks that keep you from receiving and loving yourself. It’s a way of falling and getting back up again. But it’s a road that’s absolutely worth it. It is a path that inevitably leads to joy, love and abundance.


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