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Discover your language of love


Do you feel completely loved in your daily life? Many people say yes, but only half or not really feel it. That’s because every person speaks their own language of love and the way you feel loved may not be the way your friends or partner approach you right now.

When you become aware of ‘your language of love’, a whole new world can open up for you. Then you can nourish yourself very simply and in a short time in ways that come directly into your heart, so that you can really feel fulfilled and loved . Are you ready to love yourself to the fullest? Here we go!

A personal memory of love:

To learn your language of love, it is important to imagine a moment in your life when you felt deeply loved. That can be a memory in which you felt loved by another person, but certainly also a memory in which you yourself overflowed with love.

Take a moment to picture this moment clearly in your mind. It probably won’t even take you too much time, because it is precisely this intense emotion of love that often easily lingers in our brain.

Feel how you felt in that situation, but also observe the quality of the situation. What were you or the other person doing at that moment that touched you?Heart

The five languages ​​of love:

People express their love in different ways. According to Gary Chapman , there are five general “languages” of love. He also wrote a book of the same name about this: ‘ The 5 languages ​​of love ‘.
We can convey or feel our love come in when:

* we spend time together, pay attention, spend one-on-one time;
* we give/receive compliments, share nice words;
* we give/receive gifts;
* we serve, do something for another;
* we make physical contact, touch, hug or have sex

Now all the above languages ​​are of course a joy to experience. Yet there are always 2 languages ​​that stand out for you. And it’s so easy to find out, so you don’t have to work hard for things that only half affect you.

The highway to nourish yourself is to speak your personal language of love.

And not only speak for yourself, but also make it clear to your loved ones. Because how nice is it to know how you can delight your friends, partner or children as directly as possible?Star children – the evolution of man

Your language of love:

Now it’s time to come back to your experience in which you felt loved.
What exactly happened there? Which of the above five aspects touched you the most?
Did someone give you a hug, or his/her precious time, did someone give you a present, or did you receive compliments, or maybe someone just brought you that cup of tea without you having to ask.

Most likely, two languages ​​of love stand out. They appear to touch your heart most directly and are therefore your languages ​​of love.

Feed yourself optimally with love.

Congratulations, now you know what your language of love is and how to optimally nourish yourself with love!

Because ultimately that is the most important thing to nourish yourself with; Love. When you feel loved, the world can no longer break. Yet we often forget to make time to really love ourselves with attention. And we tend to pay more attention to our environment, because we constantly react to it in our head.

That environment includes our friends, family, but certainly also the TV programs we watch, the work environment where we are. All those things can just ask for your attention and sometimes more than you like. Still, that’s not a bad thing, because you can adjust your behavior yourself. And that starts with a decision:

Do you allow yourself to feel loved and overflowing with love in your daily life? Then consciously make time and space for that.

It can be very simple and small and yet have major consequences for your feeling and your perception of the world.

Accept and respect the language of the other

soul missionWhen you realize how wonderful and satisfying it can be to feel loved, you will soon be giving it to everyone around you. Yet not everyone speaks the same language of love and you cannot fill everyone by speaking only your language. Also, you can’t expect someone else to understand your language of love if you don’t communicate it clearly.

If your language of love is ‘making physical contact’ and you keep giving your partner hugs and touches to show that you appreciate him/her, it may well be that the other person still doesn’t feel fully loved. Because if the other person’s need is to spend one-on-one time, then hugs alone are not enough for the other person. The other will want to be together to feel really fulfilled. So keep communicating about the best way to love and appreciate each other, that will save you a lot of energy.

How do you discover someone else’s language?

Teach yourself to perceive which language of love the other speaks. And that is simpler than it seems. Everyone grants another what he himself needs, which is why you can read from someone’s behavior what his/her language of love is.

By observing how the other person makes it clear that he/she loves you, you can immediately see: this is what the other person likes. Of course you can also just ask. “When was the last time you felt I loved you?” And discover together what came in most as love.

Then try speaking the other person’s language and make time to be together undisturbed (one-on-one time, for example). Or cook nice meals for someone else (service), or give a massage (physical contact), write a letter about everything you appreciate about the other (nice words), or empathize with the other person and give a gift that connects with him/her (giving gifts). Of course it remains the most surprising to combine all the languages ​​of love and to remain playful in this.

Speaking your language of love is a way to learn to love yourself directly. I wholeheartedly wish you that your heart overflows with the love that life has to offer. Don’t be distracted by any distractions, but make your love language an important part of your life, so that you come into your own.

I believe in abundance and that we can all come into our own. Discover what this abundance of love can mean in your life and what it will bring and attract you to loving situations.

Have fun with your journey of discovery!


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