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Dive into your heart, the most important minute of your day?

Can you do it that well? Being in your head. It goes on and on and it never seems to end. Your thoughts are rehashed over and over again. While you’re doing one, you’re doing the other—in your head. Your body bumps a little behind it. Sure, you put some food in there every now and then, take a shower with it every day, keep it warm with clothes and the stove and it looks pretty neat. But really feel?

It is also not so strange, because the world in which we live is mainly tuned to the head. At school, in politics, in science. And when it comes to emotion, it is immediately made into a sensation on television or videos on the internet. The head is seen as much more important and, also financially, more valued than the feeling (at least in the west, in oriental spheres it is a bit different).

Just look at the healthcare industry that is hard at work and even now, in this crisis, can still whistle for a pay rise. It’s simply because we’ve come to put the intellect, the thinking, higher than the feeling. And while they’re all part of our system, we somehow pulled them apart and put a value judgment on them.

The connection

Dive into your heartThis has led to the fact that most people mainly live in their heads and that we have come to find that very normal. Sometimes your head and your body don’t even seem to have anything to do with each other. Or with you. Because yes, there is still… you. Where are you actually? It’s bloody like you’re made up of all loose pieces.

Yet they are all connected and of course you know that, but you do not experience it. With your body you are here and with your mind you can be somewhere else entirely. Miles away, years back in time, in other dimensions…

That is of course also a wonderful quality, being able to be somewhere else with your thoughts. It’s a great tool that can help us a lot with things like visualizations, dreams about your future and things like regression, hypnosis and healing . With these last few things there is a big difference with being in your head.

There is one thing that brings everything together, can immediately ensure that you connect everything.

the heart.

Your heart is the connector of all those parts. The heart is about feeling, exactly what you are missing in all that heady stuff. And the nice thing is… it works right away!Dive into your heart

Do it right away?

Take a minute now – longer is of course also allowed, because what is 1 minute in your whole life? – and close your eyes, after reading the following (really do it, huh?)

Bring your attention, really ALL your attention, to your heart and feel. Yes, you can feel. We have all received feelings. We are all capable of feeling, with some it may be a little easier than with others, but we can all do it.

So… feel. Forget everything around you and immerse yourself completely in your heart, as if that were the most important thing in your life. The most important minute of your life. Can you spare a minute of your precious time? For something possibly even more precious? Priceless for a while?

Suppose you would use 1 minute every day. It’s only 1 minute, but it might be the most important minute of your day...


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