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Do animals have souls too?


Recently I received a nice question from a visitor to my site about the special bond with her horse . The question was whether animals also have souls, whether they also incarnate to learn life lessons just like humans, and whether it is possible for animals to incarnate in other species, or even as humans.

Animated Life

When I wanted to answer this question, I found myself not quite sure how to start – because the premise of the question is actually the reverse of how I view life and the process of incarnation. In my view and experience, everything that lives is by definition animated – and I take ‘life’ in the broadest sense of the word. Minerals, plants, animals, humans, disembodied beings such as elves and elementals, angels — all have souls and are alive, and all are free to take the path of incarnation if desired.


In addition , as I wrote in an earlier article on Nieuwetijdskind, I do not see the soul as something that travels from life to life, as a kind of island hopper from body to body. No, I see the soul as a sun, a radiant being who already has everything in it, infinitely wise and immortal, who resides in the Oneness, close to the Creator. That soul, as it were, emits rays of itself into matter, into the Universe to gain experience, to grow in wisdom, to put down its light and to share its wisdom with the world.


Those ‘rays’ of the soul are our lives. To the soul, which exists beyond time and space, all those lives exist simultaneously and they are part of our entire multidimensional Self. We don’t ‘hop’ from body to body, no, we are part of our soul, along with all our other lives and existences in all dimensions and times. The distinction between species and races is much less important for the soul than for us humans, in our limited human mind.

Do animals have souls too?

Indigenous peoples and modern culture

Animals are grossly underestimated by modern human culture and seen as ‘lower’ or ‘lesser’ than humans. With ancient indigenous peoples this was very different, as with the Aboriginals, the Celts and many Native American Indian tribes. Animals were respected as autonomous beings, as messengers, as helpers, as teachers. In Europe, especially since the Middle Ages, ever since the Church came to play an increasingly important role, animals have been surrounded by superstition and fear, or they have been seen merely as a source of food or labor. Later, especially since the industrial revolution, animals were seen by many people as less developed, as lower beings without feeling and reason, without reason, who are even unscrupulously used for medical experiments in laboratories. But why do people actually see animals that way?


Animals live in harmony with their environment, are part of an ecosystem that is self-sustaining as long as it is in balance. Humans are the only species to disrupt this system through greed, lust for power, and laziness.
Animals do not have a language like humans (and therefore few misunderstandings) but communicate very effectively through body language, sound, and telepathy. Trees even communicate through their roots, and scientists are discovering that they have very widespread forms of communication with their forest counterparts.
When you are open to other forms of communication than purely human language, and you practice feeling energy and receiving telepathic communication, you will find that animals and plants, even minerals and crystals, are much more refined. and communicate more effectively than you ever imagined. In addition, their communication bears witness to a humor, insight and wisdom that many contemporary people cannot yet match!

Do animals have souls too?


An example: inspired by an animal interpreter, I decided one day that I also wanted to practice telepathic communication with animals. I saw a heron standing along the water’s edge and said goodbye in my mind. “Good afternoon, Mr. Heron,” I began politely in my mind. I opened myself to a response. ‘Shhhht,’ the heron replied, ‘I’m at work!’ Stupid that I was, in my human arrogance I hadn’t even considered that the heron was fishing!

Do animals have souls too?

Lives as an animal

If you see the soul as the source of all your lives, in all dimensions, and all forms, connecting all, then it is easier to imagine that you can indeed have lives as a human, as an animal, as an elf, as an astral being. I have indeed come across people who had had lives as horses, as whales, and these lives had just as much meaning and life lessons to offer as a life as a human being. Horses and whales are very sensitive, wise and social creatures and to the soul such a life is just as precious, instructive and interesting.

Do animals have souls too?

incarnation trauma

In addition, things sometimes go wrong in the incarnation process: for example, in the enthusiasm of her first incarnation, one of my clients had not paid close attention to where she was going, and she landed in an existence as a very primitive insect- like creature. This being lived in the midst of conspecifics who did not connect with each other and only ate, slept and reproduced unconsciously. For a conscious being like her, this experience was so shocking that she felt a primal traumaleft over, which we could then treat in the therapy session. Their existence was not shocking to the beings themselves, because the part of the soul incarnated there was attuned to it. For a much more conscious part of the soul, however, this life was like a jacket that was much too narrow, a shock and a mistake, one from which she had learned a lot, though. And that also made this experience, although unpleasant, still meaningful.

animal spirits

Not only do animals in my view have a soul, or rather are part of a soul and are multidimensional beings with multiple lives, but they can also manifest as spirit after death, just like consciously deceased people.
For example, I experienced that, when a client in my practice was briefly stuck in her pain and was unable to express herself, a dog suddenly appeared in my mind’s eye in my practice room that wanted to comfort her. I could describe the dog’s appearance well, and the client could indeed determine that it was a dog she had known.

Do animals have souls too?

animal family

I myself have met several dogs that I have known in previous lives: a large Irish wolfhound that I had in the Bronze Age and who suddenly stood here and now watching me when I was washing the dishes, a sweet dog of unclear breed with tousled fur that belonged to a Celtic chieftain whose dramatic life I was healing at the time. He appeared before my mind’s eye during meditation, and I saw him as sharply as any living dog. Zorro, the Parson Jack Russell of my current family, has also manifested and made contact in several ways after his death. Other dogs that were still embodied even reacted to his presence and started searching in astonishment because they could sense him, or feel his energy, but could not smell him.

Animals often travel with us in incarnations: a friend of mine had a very sweet, wise cat who was already with her as a buddy in a medieval incarnation. And another acquaintance had a golden retriever in the family who passed away. Shortly afterwards they got another retriever puppy, and when they first let it out of the car, he spontaneously ran to the old house and barked at the door to be let in.
Animal spirits care very little about the boundaries of time and space in their love for their human family!

Do animals have souls too?

In short, from the point of view of the soul, the distinction between different life forms is meaningless: everything that lives is connected and goes on an evolutionary path from growth to consciousness, whether or not via the path of incarnation. We are all brothers and sisters on this road!


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