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Do I choose real life?

Can I feel what I feel? If I feel happy, but my environment is sad… do I adapt? May I speak my truth? I often feel what is going on. And yet, I hold back and think, oh never mind. Nevermind? The question is: who do I let? It seems as if I am helping the other, but in reality I am abandoning myself. I close off my own feeling to protect my environment from my truth.

Do you recognize this? Often your head thinks ‘oh, so pathetic’ or ‘they probably don’t mean it that way’, ‘they do their best’ and in the worst case you saddle yourself with a feeling of guilt. We just started to find this hidden self-sabotage. At a cellular level, basic means that you don’t choose life.

You deprive yourself of access to your own life energy. In reality, you hide yourself and are afraid to stand up for who you are. Inside you cry! How long can you keep this up? It is what makes us exhausted, glowy and sick. When will you dare to embrace yourself and start living what you long for? Being honest with yourself brings life and makes your life more loving and with it the world around you.

The Path of Fear

Deep down you know you’re kidding yourself. You don’t feel guilty towards the other person, but towards yourself. Being honest would be too painful or could trigger a lot of emotions. Often, for example, the pain of loss or the fear of abandonment are at the base. The fear keeps your wound securely closed. It’s your comfort zone.

Controlling fear does even more. It makes you alert to your surroundings, tightens your physical body, so that your feeling and desire are closed and you cannot receive the healing life energy. It stimulates the production of survival hormones such as cortisol, norepinephrine, cytokines and histamine. This costs your body a lot of energy and is harmful if the fear continues.

The main thing that creates fear is that you are confronted with your fear ! The universal law of attraction. The feeling of fear sends out a frequency that is answered by the universe through signals and situations in which you come face to face with your fear . This is the path of fear. The universe gives you the chance to recognize your fear, the opening to healing.

When do you listen?

They can be very different signals with which the universe is trying to wake us up. It often starts with small signals. A flat tire to slow you down. A battery that is empty; how’s your own battery? I just fell off my bike and lay stretched out on the street. I felt rushed with nowhere to go. Deep inside I felt the pressure to keep my environment happy. The fear of loss was at the root, I realized. In my practice I often come across separation anxiety. It strikes me that those who do everything out of fear to bind the other to themselves are abandoned. Diseases are also signals. My brother was confronted with metastatic cancer, but by choosing to live again, he healed.He has started to follow his own feelings and desires instead of those of the environment. Afterwards, he said, “The universe had to send a life-threatening disease my way, because with a condition like Psoriasis I hadn’t been awakened.” The question is: when do you choose to listen and to live your life ?

Is the environment the culprit?

The environment is often seen as an obstacle to being yourself. But you make the environment more important than yourself because of your fear of abandonment, ostracism or loss. You try to befriend the environment by making contact at the expense of contact with yourself. I call it ‘levelling’. For example: if someone else is sad or disappointed, you put your own happiness aside. You focus on that person and try to help or make him happy or distract him. Or: the other feels ‘uncanny’. By being very nice you try to win over them so that you seem to feel safe. In all these efforts you give away your energy and you also take on the burden of the other. You lose your own feeling, life energy and passion.You lose yourself.

Take back control of your life

For me there is only one solution! You may love yourself so much that you honestly dare to listen to your desires and decide to follow them. Valuing yourself and your life so much, so that you start making choices based on self-love that are good for you, regardless of how your environment feels or thinks about it!

Do you ever think: ‘oh, I have this again…’ or ‘why did it have to happen to me’? These are victim thoughts and beware, this can be your comfort zone and feed the belief that you can’t change anything.

Everyone has the power to turn life around. Whether you’re sick, your relationship is stuck or you’re feeling depressed. Look at your situation and be curious: ‘what does my situation want to tell me?’, ‘how do I feel?’, ‘do I want to feel that?’ and ‘what would I like to feel?’. The negative emotions or feelings may demand your attention and you may not be able to feel what you want. Then do the following exercise.

Take a minute and start feeling the warmth, softness or love inside you. Focus on that and feel what happens. Are you already experiencing how you can change your feeling? This is a small step, but with this you are already sending out a different frequency to the universe. The more you manifest these feelings, the more situations you attract in which you are positively stimulated to choose to follow your own desire. Every YES to yourself (and NO to your environment), brings you closer to your life!

Have you done the exercise and already experienced a difference? Perhaps you would like to share your experience below?


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