Do you already know these 3 ways to support your digestion and immune system?

Do you already know these 3 ways to support your digestion and immune system?

As long as the digestive system appears to be functioning flawlessly, we don’t worry about it. It is often already too late when there is an uproar in your stomach. Fatigue, belching after eating, heartburn, problematic bowel movements, or flatulence show that we can eat smarter. These three surprisingly easy tips support your digestion and immune system and can prevent fatigue.

Where is your immune system?

The digestive system is the gateway to energy and health, so we need to keep it in good shape. About 80 percent of your immune cells are in your digestive organs. That is quite something. They absorb nutrients and remove indigestible elements and toxins. That is precisely why a compromised digestive system is at the top of the list of energy guzzlers and pathogens.

The digestive system

Do you already know these 3 ways to support your digestion and immune system?

The digestive system is a complex instrument and consists of much more than just ‘guts’‘. It includes your mouth, esophagus (esophagus), stomach, pancreas (pancreas), small intestine, colon, and rectum. Plus your liver and gallbladder, the secret stars of the “digestion scene.” Add to that the mysterious bacteria that live in your mouth and intestinal tract. These are the invisible conductors of your health, and they are referred to in their entirety as the microbiome. If even one part of this system, so ingeniously devised by nature, no longer works well, your whole body suffers.

Digestion begins in the mouth. The slightest thought, sight or smell of food stimulates your salivary glands. For example, half to a whole liter of saliva is collected in one day. It makes chewing easier and contains diligent enzymes that start working in the mouth to break down simple carbohydrates (starch) and make them useful for the body. But the food is only really sufficiently ground through chewing. Ideally, the food mash is chewed so well that it is almost liquid.

Strengthen the digestive aids

1. Why chewing well is so important

Badly chewed and poorly predigested food ends up in your gut and promotes the growth of ‘bad’ bacteria. This growing predominance of less useful gut bacteria damages the intestinal mucosa barrier and expels ‘good’ bacteria that produce important building materials; for example, butyric acid, which is necessary for an intact intestinal mucosa. Bad chewing is therefore a potential stimulus for the development of an unhealthy intestinal flora and a porous intestinal mucosa barrier. This can lead to fatigue-causing food intolerances and autoimmune diseases. So the motto is: CHEW! It’s a more important key to your health and energy levels than you think.

CHEW until you have a paste in your mouth! Chewing is a free and easy health tool:

Start with it from your next meal. Grind your food in your mouth. Let your meals be real meals!

2. Eat Raw Vegetables For Enzymes

Do you already know these 3 ways to support your digestion and immune system?

Digestion is mainly supported by live cultures and natural enzymes from raw vegetables and lettuce. Effective energy-digesting aids include papaya (the enzyme papain) and pineapple (the enzyme bromelain), which are high in proteases, which are enzymes that break down protein. Eat papaya or pineapple for dessert or have it in your raw vegetable salad at noon.

3. Eat more bitters

Your digestive system also loves bitters from foods that stimulate its flagship liver, the liver, to produce bile. Bitter heroes are lettuce varieties such as chicory, red lettuce, dandelion, and arugula, but also bitter vegetables such as artichokes and horseradish.

Tip: dandelion tea is a must as a fat-burning aid. Drink it regularly, preferably between meals. This tea is excellent to mix with detoxifying nettle tea (which I also like better than pure dandelion tea) and is available in the pharmacy, health food stores, drugstores, or simply in nature.

Do you already know these 3 ways to support your digestion and immune system?

Your digestive system has a daily and great need for bitter substances. In addition to helping the liver with bile production, they have a prebiotic effect, which means that they provide healthy and slimming gut bacteria. They curb hunger pangs and are therefore very popular. Their success is also assured in the form of spray or powder. Pay attention to high-quality products without the addition of alcohol or preservatives.


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