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Do you also choose Conscious Conception?

In this new age more and more highly evolved souls are coming to Earth . They carry a large field of consciousness of their own. With their consciousness they can overwrite the genetic material of their parents. The consciousness field of these souls is higher than that of their parents.

They do need their parents. It is important for these souls that they are received from the moment of conception in the largest possible electrically charged love field. That allows them to incarnate more fully. In this way a soul can descend more into this incarnation and bring in more of who it is.

Does that take away your spontaneity as partners from the actual conception? That’s not necessary. By dwelling on what conscious conception is, a greater conscious love field is awakened within you. That field is therefore more naturally present at the moment of conception.

Own theme around conception and pregnancy

To experience freedom in the conscious love field surrounding conception it is important to go back to your own experience when you were conceived. It may seem strange that you have the consciousness to sense that.

But every person can get a feeling when he is in contact with his or her body, how that moment was and what it did to your feeling of welcome. What effect has your conception had on how you landed completely or incompletely as a soul? And what effect has that had on the creation of your body? Were there aspects of you (what we also call lost soul parts) that retreated? Was the conception loving, did your parents pay full attention to the lovemaking or did it just happen?

Do you also choose Conscious ConceptionAnd where the experience was painful, what kind of imprint did it leave in you? What is the effect, for example, if a pregnancy is actually not wanted or if you were conceived through an IVF or ICSI process? Your history influences you as a future father or mother. By standing still and being open to awareness and healing, rewriting takes place and you create space to be part of the conception of your child with your full consciousness in the Here and Now.

The moment of ‘Sparking’

The force or electromagnetic charge with which conception takes place can be a tremendous gift to the incoming soul. The greater the electric fire between the partners and the pull of love, the more an incoming soul can take of itself in its yet-to-be-formed body. And the more the soul can overwrite the blueprint of the body, and all subtle bodies, with its own soul imprint . Bruce Lipton is the founder of epigenetics and has shown that hereditary DNA is transcribed.

With electromagnetic charge I speak about sexual passion in combination with the power of love: love passion. A love that transcends the passion between two people. At the same time, in this surrender between the partners, there is room for a third person. This coincides with the will of the incoming soul. That soul wants to live! In that electromagnetic love field, the soul can ‘download’ its energetic structure. And first, the soul forms its energetic heart. Isn’t that breathtaking? See also my previous article on Conscious Conception .

After six weeks, an embryo has a beating heart. So also the physical heart is formed first. Imagine that because of your consciousness growth, you are every day with your love field at the beginning of pregnancy to welcome your baby again and again. How would it feel for you if you were so welcomed on Earth?

Grounding platform

Do you also choose Conscious Conception

The grounding platform is the love field between the partners where a child enters. I would like to quote Thomas Hübl who gives such a wonderful description of this grounding platform. He describes how the love of the parents ‘sucks’ into the soul so that a soul can land more and more after conception. The soul can download the entire program of who it is and what it comes to do here. This is a basis on which a soul can develop all its qualities. A soul always comes to contribute to human consciousness and to renew consciousness.

It is important for the soul that it feels that it belongs and is loved and that there is room for it. Space to be yourself and space to further open the consciousness of the parents. This space felt by the soul provides security and allows him to rest in the bed of his parents. This starts at the moment of conception and continues naturally from baby to child to adolescent.

Contact with the soul

A soul sometimes announces its wish to incarnate years before the right moment. A soul can also influence the choice of a partner and help determine this to generate the right bed for itself. A soul can also come back after an abortion or after a miscarriage. There is so much possible that we don’t know much about yet. It is not necessary that parents also have this contact with the soul at the time of conception.

It is important to trust that the right soul will cross their path and that there is a mutual ‘yes’. My experience is that a soul always comes to give the parents the opportunity to heal aspects of themselves.Traumas suffered by the parents because they were born in a zeitgeist in which their own sensitivity or, for example, clairvoyance was not recognized or was even suppressed in a fairly strong way. Because they do give this space to their child, healing can also occur in them and their own sensitivity can open up again. Conscious conception is an important first step in this.


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