Do you also get tired of your negative thoughts?


Negative thoughts can grab our attention and create endless circles of thoughts that are sometimes hard to get out of. Negativity often acts as a magnet: it pulls us in and traps us, after which it is difficult to break free. The more negative thoughts we have, the more come. And the more attention we give to this, the more believable and empowering these thoughts seem to become. All these negative thoughts can be very exhausting. They are false and cost a lot of energy. In this article, you can read what the solution is for this.

The solution to counter negative thoughts

It was already mentioned above that negativity often works like a magnet. So if we want our brain to become the polar opposite of negativity, it is important to invert this magnet to automatically and effortlessly reject negative thoughts. When this happens, and negative thoughts get a hold of less easily, there is more room for a mindful, happy, loving, and calm life.

To get rid of negative thoughts, it is important not to force yourself too much to take positive thoughts very seriously and to keep repeating affirmations endlessly. Try to realize that all thoughts are false, but some thoughts may help you achieve certain results and others may not.

Do you also get tired of your negative thoughts?

However, if you can choose which thought you pay attention to, it is of course best to give your attention to a positive thought. With a positive outlook, you can help yourself in all kinds of ways. By choosing this and focusing on positive thoughts, you automatically become better at letting negative thoughts pass effortlessly.

One of the ways to get better at this is to meditate. Meditation creates a distance between your thoughts and your perception. This leads to thoughts becoming more visible and this gives you the space to choose which thought you want to hold on to and which you want to let go.

Tips to let go of negative thoughts

By getting started with the tips below, you can learn to let go of negative thoughts and choose positive thoughts.

Do you also get tired of your negative thoughts?

Tip 1: Realize that you can choose whether you want to let go or not

Letting go of thoughts may sometimes sound complicated, but it is simpler than it seems. You can’t really let go of thoughts in reality, but what you can do is shift your attention. By shifting your attention, the thoughts disappear on their own. Everything you give attention to grows and this also works the other way around. You can train your attention by meditating. When you do this regularly, you automatically begin to realize that you can just let your thoughts go without anything bad happening. You are then able to take your thoughts less seriously.

Tip 2: Have faith in your future self

You are much smarter than you think! Try to have a little faith in your future self. Trust your intuition and trust that when you are faced with challenges in the here and now, you can handle them just fine. Also, try to realize that endlessly circulating negative thoughts will not make you more effective and certainly not happier. This is of course easier said than done, but we have to start somewhere. Again, if you meditate regularly, you will naturally get better at it. Step-by-step.

Tip 3: Start with the gray area

Our brain often tends to think in black or white. We dream about a future that is completely fantastic or we fear a future that is very unrealistic. Try to realize that the truth often lies somewhere in the middle: in the gray area. Sometimes life seems to move towards an extreme point for a while, but that is temporary. You will find that you always come back to the gray area. Even when a major drama occurs in your life. Try to embrace the gray area and see that your brain is exaggerating. This makes it easier to get out of the negative spiral.

Tip 4: Make positivity your starting point

Try to make positivity your starting point and don’t bring people down, but up and treat yourself with self-compassion. Choose to believe in a happy ending when you have no reason to believe the opposite. Try to believe that your future keeps getting better and better until proven otherwise.

Tip 5: Stop feeding the misery

Of course, many things could be better, but we should not ignore all the things that are going well. There are many problems and challenges such as corruption, hatred, destruction, and pollution. But there is also a lot of love, stability, peace, and progress. Humanity will never be perfect and hate, greed, and fear will not disappear, but we can work to make them less prominent. This way we can inspire and support more people.

As mentioned before, everything we pay attention to grows. Focusing on negativity creates more negativity. Therefore, try to let go of negativity and let it go. Sometimes things go the way we want and other times maybe less. But this isn’t a big deal. You can also choose positivity. And then it immediately becomes a lot easier to let go of negativity.


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