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Do you also have trouble receiving? Healing yourself is an important step.

You are probably aware that you don’t have to go it alone in life. There is plenty of support from the energetic world: from guides, angels, your cosmic family and other energetic forces. Yet many people have difficulty accepting this help. Maybe you also feel like you don’t deserve it? And do you have the thought: Who am I to allow this? Somewhere deep inside you are aware that there is help for you too, but you are unable to open the gate.

There is a block on receiving. It often started in childhood. If you received too little attention and love as a child, this is also difficult later in life. Especially when it comes to the great, unconditional love from the universe. By healing your childhood wounds,

divine will

A few weeks after her first session, I spoke to Karlijn again. The reason for our appointment was her struggle with her place as an artist in the world.
What I especially remembered from the session with Karlijn was her strong inner light. It was barely noticeable to herself, hidden beneath layers of old pain and convictions. Her light had translated into willpower and perseverance and she has come a long way with that.
It is her time to rely less on the free will of her mind and more on the divine will of her heart. The latter is supported by the Higher Self and the universe. Karlijn feels it’s time to walk the path of her soul, but finds it difficult to ask for help from the universe to support her in this.

Giving and receiving balance

Karlijn notices that she gets stuck in her work as an artist. Giving and receiving is out of balance. She works with great dedication and patience on her products, but the price she receives for them is disproportionate to her efforts. Money is a form of energy and it is important that there is more balance here. In our conversation it appears that she is having trouble receiving the correct amount.

“Am I entitled to that? Am I not asking more than is reasonable?” As she utters this, the image of her as a young girl appears before me. Then she was responsible for some family responsibilities that were definitely not age-appropriate. Moreover, she was not emotionally supported in this by her parents.Their company swallowed all their attention, so that there was little attention and love for Karlijn. She was mainly on her own and as a child was allowed to receive little. The image of little Karlijn standing at a large wash-up for the umpteenth time and a plate shattering, speaks volumes.

Helen inner child

To be more open to the help of the universe, it is important for Karlijn that little Karlijn heals. It’s still in a corner of her consciousness. She is sad and disappointed in life. My experience from the sessions is that it is important that she comes into contact with her younger version and comforts her. Also (energetic) speaking out to her parents helps her to heal. In addition, it will help her to speak out (energetically) to her parents.

As we heal our inner child parts more and more, we recover more and more in our origin. It is divine and is in contact with the divine light of the universe. The more we get in touch with our inner light, the easier it is to let in the light and love of the universe.


In addition to healing, it is important to be aware of your belief about receiving. Do you believe that ‘you will never succeed in receiving the help of the universe’? Replace ‘never’ with the following thought: RIGHT NOW I find it difficult to receive the help of the universe. But I am in a process of healing and growth and I trust that one day this will work. Try to let go when this moment will come. That’s not up to us, nor does it matter. Focus on your own growth process. By accepting the situation as it is at the moment and leaving the possibility for change open, you create space.

Give yourself your process

When you understand that the inability to allow the universe’s help does not come from doing something wrong, you create understanding and compassion for yourself. Don’t get mad at yourself for failing. This is the case with many people, I have experienced it myself. And sometimes I experience the help of the universe as overwhelming, almost too great. Just like Karlijn and I, you can grow in this too.

What can also help you:

– Write down the insights and prompts you receive in a notebook. By reviewing these regularly, you become aware that you are receiving more help than you may be aware of. Moreover, this increases your confidence in yourself and the universe.

– An intermediate step in admitting the help of the universe is opening yourself up to the abundance of nature: consciously allow in the warmth of the sun, the scents and colors.

– In this video Phil Good gives a clear explanation of the difference between our free will of the ego and the divine will of the heart. Moreover, he provides insight into the role of the Higher Self and the universe in this.

Video Phil Good Starseed



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