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Do you bring light or do you maintain the dark?

Do you feel the urgency to contribute to a more peaceful world? Are you an idealist? You are walking on a very thin line. The question is, can you contribute to a better world if there is no harmony within yourself yet? During my study time in Wageningen I met many passionate people who are committed to preserving a green earth and a fairer world. Now I see many people who want to bring love and light back into the world.

But that often starts in their relationships. Many become exhausted, get stuck in their relationships or get sick. Is this correct? When do you improve and when do you maintain the darkness? As long as there is a struggle within yourself, your contribution is not sustainable.Not for you and therefore not for the world around you.

Duality in you

Making change starts with yourself. You have everything in you. The love and the fear, the light and the dark, the positive feelings and the negative feelings. It is the duality of the world, but I see the world more and more as the scene that also plays in me. On totally different levels but similar.

I can connect here on earth with very high vibrations, such as divine love. There is also a downside to this; the moment I receive the high vibration of love in my cells and feel the passion flowing through my veins, the darkness within me also vibrates. Light and dark are inextricably linked.

Can it be dark there?

We are light and love. It’s already there. The moment the darkness shakes loose in me, a reflex starts. I lose focus on the light and focus on the dark. It doesn’t matter whether I fight the dark, condemn it or shut it off, in all cases my body reacts to the dark. It tightens, is alert or engages in combat at the cellular level.

The way of the light to my cells is blocked with this. For example, the dark that vibrates loose can be anger and irritation, which I prefer not to show but hide. The environment mirrors my struggle; I get irritated or angry at me. I keep the dark by hiding it and make it even bigger by my focus on it. Here’s the problem.

At the moment I see a lot of women who get stuck in their relationship . Often conscious women who realize that light and love is necessary for a harmonious society. They feel an urgency to contribute with their own light, but run into limitations in their relationship.

As if the presence of their partner stands in the way of opening their loving version. The relationship feels like a cage. The women feel exhausted and feel they have given everything. They lose themselves. There seems to be only one solution: get out of the relationship.

Trapped in your system

With all these women I encounter the same thing: an internal stagnation between the feminine and masculine energy within themselves. They are stuck, like a prisoner in a system. The inner woman (left) focuses completely on her inner man (right) and only feels his darkness (think of a victim role, anger, heaviness, emptiness or gloom).

There is a deep conviction in the woman that she must or could turn the dark. She fights with the dark to maintain harmony, to make the other happy, to inspire the other, etc… All reactions with which you keep the other in his role and lose your energy yourself. Why does the woman (in this example) focus on the dark?


An experience of a client provides insight into this. For a brief moment she felt the earthly love completely flowing into her. Everything was perfect and she could enjoy her purity for a moment. Then her body abruptly shut itself off from love. She was overwhelmed by her physical reaction. The deep fear in her cells told her not to trust love.

The consequence of this is that the dark appears. Like love challenges the dark and then you get in trouble. From the moment of closing, she focused entirely on the dark side in her. Her body didn’t want to go to love anymore. Fighting the dark seemed to give her safety… Unfortunately, the truth is the other way around.Your love and light can conquer the dark.

Idealism okay?

Idealism from the heart is beautiful and with your passion you can do mountains of work to achieve your goal. This works, as long as you stay focused on your ideal. As soon as you start putting energy into obstacles you see, you lose power. These obstacles are both within and outside of you.

An obstacle in yourself can for example be fear of failure: ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I am not good enough’. There may be someone outside of yourself who says your plan is not feasible. With your focus on the obstacle you make the opposing force stronger. So you maintain it. Focusing your attention on the obstacles is always driven by fear. With this you lose.

Don’t leave your love. Feel love for your ideal. Live it yourself. Feel love for the obstacles, accept that they are there. Love releases your energy and thereby frees the obstacle. Everything keeps moving. Often you only know fear scenarios. Now the power of love may create. You will be amazed at the results that are possible!

Tip: Take the time every day (in your morning ritual) to feel love for what you want to create. Close your eyes and feel in your heart that it has already manifested in your life. Feel the impact on you and the world around you. Take the next steps based on that feeling.


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