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Do you constantly hear high tones? You are not alone!


Hearing high tones (hearing high frequencies) has nothing to do with a vitamin D deficiency or tinnitus . Through my research, I have found that these frequencies can be associated with spiritual awakening, more specifically, remembering and remembering who you are.

History has repeatedly shown us that we have received spontaneous DNA upgrades throughout our generations, with no gradual changes between generations. Hearing high tones, sounds and frequencies can be associated with a DNA upgrade.

Our bodies are mainly made up of water. Recent studies show that sounds and frequencies have an effect on water molecules, as proven by Masaru Emoto’s work with sound and the restructuring of water molecules.dr. Leonard Horowitz’s work with the sacred harmony “ solfeggios ” has also shown that there are certain frequencies that affect our genetic structure and can heal us from within. At the cellular level, these frequencies and sounds are converted to their most concentrated form of energy, vibration.

Our entire solar system is currently undergoing drastic climate change, including the outer planets of our galaxy. This has taken scientists by surprise because we are currently in a ‘ solar minimum ‘. As we travel further into this photon belt, the energies will continue to grow stronger. If these photon energies are coupled to any form of radiation, it can alter the genetic structure of our DNA.

High-pitched hearing associated with the body rising in frequency

Past life/regression hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon believes that these high-pitched sounds may be associated with the body rising in frequency as the Earth moves into the new dimension. Many believe that these high-pitched sounds are part of our genetic reprogramming as the entire universe becomes upgraded on a galactic level. Rest assured that these sounds are beneficial for your genetic and spiritual progress.

In the meantime, enjoy the ride!


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