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Do you dare to speak your truth in every situation?

As a sensitive person you need more time for yourself than other people who are less sensitive. This is because of the stimuli that can enter you intensely. How do you ensure that you remain in your power in every situation, so that you dare to speak your truth in any situation. What does speaking the truth bring you? And how do you do this? In this article I will take you along and would like to inspire you.

When you turn inward (autumn is particularly suitable for this), you can feel what is going on inside you personally. Here you zoom in on your emotions, blockages, what went well and especially what you would have liked to have done differently. By turning inward, you will see your inner world. You can decide: I let go of all the old that no longer serves me. Then pay attention to your body, let it go, cry, be relieved and choose something new that really suits you. Feel a smile rise up in you. Do you feel the peace within yourself?

How do you ensure that you live from the inside out?

Instead of you being lived by everything that goes on in the world?
I get this question every day in my coaching practice. I myself have walked this path in recent years. Where do you start and why is this so important?

Do you speak your truth in every situation - speak truth

As a sensitive person you need more time for yourself than other people who are less sensitive. This is because of all the extra incentives that come to you. It is a strength if you know how to use it in the right way. By giving yourself at least half an hour of charging time per day, you turn inward and feel how you are doing.

By focusing on taking the time for yourself, you automatically go to his position and you feel what lives in you. What is important to you and what you would rather let go if you really listen to your heart . Your heart is your personal navigator that shows you where to go all day long. All you need to do for this is:

This way you live completely from your authentic self and you make choices that feel good for you. The world around you keeps spinning. Make sure you are in the eye of the tornado. By standing in the eye of the tornado, you observe, you see everything happening around you and you remain in power.

Make an overview of your personal core values

If you know what you stand for as a person, it will be easier for you to make choices based on this. This is also known as core values. If you know what your personal top 5 is, it will be easier for you to make choices that really suit you and feel good. Examples of core values ​​are: creative, enterprising, loving, wisdom, perseverance and inner peace. Take the time for yourself to feel which core values ​​suit you.

If you have insight into your core values, what is the next step?

Make sure you always have your top 5 core values ​​​​with you by writing them down so you can take them with you. If you have to make choices at work or in daily life and you don’t know how, you use your top 5 core values. This allows you to immediately see where you stand and which choice suits you best. These core values ​​​​give you a foothold until it has become a habit when making your choices.

If this has become a habit for me, what will I gain from this?

If you base your choices on what is important to you, you automatically live from the inside out. You no longer let yourself be guided by what is happening in your environment at that moment. That gives you freedom to act from your feelings and your true self.

Do you speak your truth in every situation - speak truth

If you react from within yourself to daily situations around you, then you are in your power in every situation. Because you stand in your power, you can help other people from this point. With this you can use your (potential) talents and bring more love into the world.

Do you dare to speak your truth?

To speak your truth in every situation from being 100% yourself, requires guts and perseverance. Your way of living and seeing the world can be vastly different from what people around you experience. Sometimes it is even at odds with each other, for example because you see the bigger picture from a helicopter view and the other person views the situation from themselves, a completely different perspective.

If you can do this, then you as a person and as a lightworker can make the difference. You can lovingly mirror people, so that situations that were stuck are set in motion again. You show people situations from a different angle, how things can be done differently. All this from your loving truth.

Since I speak 100% of my truth and fully tailor my message to the other person, I see the difference. People are grateful to me. Grateful that I had the guts to mirror them and that because of this they became more aware of their behavior and could therefore make a difference.

Are you making a difference today?

Everyone can make a difference in their world. First get started to live from within yourself, so from the inside out. Make an overview for which core value you stand for and speak your loving truth in every situation and bring even more love into the world.


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