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Do you experience little or no connection with the Source? Causes and tips.


You meditate, do spiritual exercises and read about them, but you notice that the real connection with the divine is not established. At some point in your soul existence you have lost connection with Source (God, the universe).

At least, that’s how it feels. The cause lies in your first incarnation, a past life or your present life. The pain and loss you experience are possible: nostalgia for your origin, a great sadness that you carry with you or a loneliness that you have felt all your life.

When you have more insight into the origin of your feelings and realize that this is in the distant past, you do not have to blame yourself for not experiencing the connection. There’s nothing wrong with you!

The incarnation of the soul

Annemarie has experienced a loss all her life. This manifests itself in a heavy feeling around her heart and a sadness that she can partly place. Her parents were unable to form a loving connection with her and she felt lost in the family of origin. Yet her heaviness feels greater than this.
In one session, it appears that her grief stems from her first incarnation. Her soul’s journey to the earthly realms was traumatic, as for many souls. On her way to Earth she experienced terror and was shocked by the heavy energy that haunts our planet. Some have described this trip as a kamikaze flight.
Annemarie sees how she left her light behind in her first incarnation. The heavy energy of the earth created a fear that this light would be destroyed if she took it to earth. Her light is not gone, but it is out of reach. It is important that she restores the connection with her light through her own heart.
In everyone’s heart there is a divine spark, a divine part. By making conscious contact with this and asking the universe to let light and love flow to your heart, the connection can be restored. You will also find other ways later in this article.

Connecting with others

Marcus has a hard time connecting in relationships. He manages to keep the door open for a while, but there always comes a moment when he disconnects. When we investigate what underlies this, he experiences with intense emotion the light of the Source. Like many others, he partially lost this connection during his lifetime. The earthly temptations are great and the distractions are diverse.
When we immerse ourselves in earthly existence, the connection with Source fades into the background. This produces sadness, which makes us even more inclined to find ‘satisfaction’ in earthly existence through excessive eating, alcohol, sex, watching TV or other activities. You live a surrogate existence, as it were, and you have the feeling that you are not actually living.
By opening yourself to the Source and the divine energies, for example in a meditation, the connection can be reestablished. This was never completely gone, but the line was thin and barely noticeable.

Gnosis: “be in the world but not of the world”

Entangled in the family

Lightworkers, whose mission is to contribute to awareness on Earth , often get entangled in family life. As babies they are still very much aware of their helping task. But having fallen into the veil of oblivion, they are no longer aware of the way this is actually meant. They feel the grief of their father or mother, their powerlessness and suffering. Out of their need to help, they take on some of their parents’ burden.
Most never receive the appreciation and recognition for this, which causes sadness and powerlessness. These emotions cast a shadow over their light, their god spark. For these light souls it is important to let go of this role and to transfer the responsibility for their parents to the universe.
It’s time for everyone to take care of themselves. Helping humanity is still your job. But in a different way. By letting your own light shine, you contribute a huge stone to awareness. This is what is actually needed now.
There is a reason that many light souls were born in families where there was little warmth and security. The pain, sadness and loneliness increase the need to turn inward and heal as an adult. By making contact with your emotions and energetic body, you come into contact with your essence. This allows you to consciously experience your divine light. You remember yourself.
no connection

How do you reconnect with Source?

When people ask this question to their Higher Self, they often get concrete answers. It is important to be in nature a lot. Plants and animals are the ultimate expression of the divine. Moreover, the universe can pass on signals and messages to you in nature: through cloud patterns, the sun breaking through when you just step out the door and through animals that come your way.
Meditation is also regularly mentioned. Feel if this suits you. If meditation is difficult for you, it may help to use a guided meditation.
People regularly get the tip to dance and make music. By intuitively dancing or drumming, energy is released. This movement makes it easier for the divine to reach you, because you are less in your head.
Whichever way suits you, it is in any case important to create space for this. Moments of rest and time for yourself are essential.

Do you notice that you carry a sadness with you that prevents you from growing further? And do you find it exciting to allow this?

On April 14 there will be another online zoom group session in which I will guide you step by step to release this energetically and emotionally. My energetic field acts as an amplifier and will help you to bring your sadness to the surface. The shared energetic field of the group and the universe provides you with security and support. More information can be found here .


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