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Do you express your spiritual vision of life?

Of course there are more clients who find it difficult to express their spiritual ideas clearly, but now that I get three in quick succession I feel it as a clue to write an article about it.

During the session Contact with your guide you will be asked for a dream in advance as ‘homework’.   Dreams show you very well what you are not (yet) aware of and are a fantastic aid in contacting your guide. I want to show you how that works.

Clear choices

The first client hopes to gain more clarity about the choice she has made to quit her well-paid job and start her own practice as a coach. How should she shape it? Actually, she would like to work more from her spiritual vision of life, but she is afraid of not being taken seriously if she comes out.

That is not surprising, if you look at the negative judgments that still exist in society about this.

Her dreams show her that she would do well to speak out clearly. In one of her dreams, a road is shown with four lanes, the middle two of which stop, while the left and right lanes continue.

She herself is stuck in one of the middle lanes. The image shows her that she is allowed to make clear choices and above all must not remain ‘middle of the road’, for fear of the judgment of the people in her network.

A broken branch

The second woman is a radiant being who makes herself unnecessarily small so as not to push people away because of her deviant views. But her dreams show that this hurts her more than she realizes.

She dreams of a beautiful large plant with purple flowers that unfortunately has a branch broken off. Only when I tell her that the image represents herself does she understand how important it is for her to show herself completely.

vision of life

being locked out

The third woman is a scientist by birth, but has a coaching practice, in which she does express her spiritual approach, but she does it so carefully that she is just not clear enough about it. She dreams of a party where she doesn’t feel at home at all, but participates anyway because she is afraid of being left out.

Sticking your neck out is scary because you deviate from what is considered normal and because you can be criticized or, worse, not taken seriously anymore.

But if you don’t speak up, you’ll never know if others won’t shut up just like you because they’re afraid they’ll be labeled vapid or otherworldly. While you might be surprised at the amount of people who are indeed open to your views.

Crystals on your desk

I once had a consultation with a man who was the director of a large company and who was very consciously involved with spirituality. He had found a subtle way to let those who were open to it know what he stands for.

He had a beautiful collection of crystals on his desk. With those who responded to the crystals, he felt an opening to start a conversation about his vision of life. It worked fine. And he also discovered how many more people are interested in spirituality than you might think.

Another client, also the owner of a successful business, unabashedly expresses his interest in this field and gives all his (mainly male) employees a spiritual book as a gift for Christmas. He doesn’t mind that they probably pass it on to their wife. In his work he is also openly guided by his spiritual insights and principles.

Usually the threshold for men in our society to express their spiritual side is a bit higher than for women, but to my delight I notice that more and more men are joining and that they are sometimes more willing to stick their neck out than women. They are, of course, not your average man. They have often been involved in the development of consciousness all their lives and go their own way uncompromisingly.

Brave Choices

Women are often more concerned with what is expected of them, they are used to adapting and thereby deny themselves. Their authentic selves are being violated. This is at odds with the soul plan, whose purpose is to make courageous choices, even if they can count on disapproval from the environment.

Choosing your own path in life is your most important task. Obstacles you will encounter are challenges that you should not avoid. Rather, it offers you the opportunity to grow by overcoming resistance. A risk-free existence will not help you further and leave an important part of your potential unused. You will then look back on a life full of missed opportunities as you leave this earth and evaluate your past life with your guides.

I myself know the fear of coming out for who you are all too well. It no longer plays, but when I had written my first book Featherlight – living and working with spiritual guides at the request of my guides and it was about to be published, I suddenly got scared.

Not many people knew about my contact with guides and I prepared myself for negative reactions from people who didn’t like this kind of stuff. They knew me as a fairly level-headed person, so how would they look at me now? Fortunately, my fears were unfounded and the reactions were mostly very positive, or at most neutral.

Locked out by the community

The fear of many lightworkers can also be explained by the fact that most have had previous lives in which they were excluded from the community, or worse, ended up at the stake for speaking out or even just practicing their profession as a healer, herbalist or midwife exercise.

That fear should no longer hold us back. Speak out and help connect as many people as possible with your different, more spiritual outlook on life, especially by just living your life and doing your job.

You don’t have to convince anyone and you can leave the other person in his or her own way if he thinks otherwise. It may be part of your life’s mission if you walk the spiritual path at this time on Earth, to play a pioneering role in this.

And the great thing is: if you really believe in what you do and are open about it, you will automatically attract people who suit you and with whom you can be yourself.

Perhaps you would like to tell us something below about your reluctance to show yourself fully, or how you overcame it?


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