Do you feel a lot of anger and anger in your body? Learn to express your emotions

Do you feel a lot of anger and anger in your body? Learn to express your emotions

Tragedy can be a blessing if we see it as an opportunity for growth. – Louise Hay

Everyone is angry sometimes. Anger is an honest emotion. If not expressed, anger turns inward, on the body and can cause ailment or illness. Anger is always about the same things, just like criticism. When we are angry and feel that we do not have the right to express our anger, we swallow it and this causes resentment, bitterness, or depression. It is therefore good to do something with our anger when we feel it rising. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how to deal with your anger and how to let go of your anger for a freer life.  The excerpt below is from the book ‘Use your inner strength’ by Louise Hay.

Expressing anger in a positive way

Talk to the one you’re mad at

There are a number of positive ways to deal with anger. One of the best ways is to talk to the person you’re mad at and express your pent-up feelings. For example, you say, “I’m mad at you because…” When we want to yell at someone, our anger has been building up for a long time. This is often the result of the idea that we cannot talk to the other person. A good way to let go of anger is to talk to the person you see in the mirror. Choose a place where you feel safe and where you won’t be disturbed.

Look your reflection straight in the eye. If you can’t do this, focus on your mouth or nose. See yourself and/or the person you think has done something wrong to you. Remember the moment when you got angry and allow yourself to feel that feeling completely. Now tell him exactly what you’re angry about. Show your anger all the way. For example, you say:

Do you feel a lot of anger and anger in your body? Learn to express your emotions

I’m mad at you for doing….
I feel hurt because you did….
I’m afraid because you did….

Express your feelings completely. Don’t be afraid to express your anger. You have suppressed your feelings long enough. You don’t have to feel ashamed or guilty. Realize that your feelings are “thoughts in action.” They serve a purpose, and when you release them from your mind and body, you create the inner space for new, more positive experiences.

When you have expressed your anger, try to forgive the person(s) you are angry with. Forgiveness is an act that frees you, it will benefit you most. If you can’t forgive someone, the above exercise will work
as a negative affirmation and is not healing.

Letting go of anger

There are more ways to let go of anger. You can scream into a pillow, kick a pillow, hammer your fists on the bed, or use a punching bag. You can write a letter full of hate and then send it
burn it. You can yell in your car with the windows closed or you can play tennis or golf and slam one ball after another hard. Go for a swim, run or do other physical exercises. Write or draw with your non-dominant hand, as the creative process is a natural way to process emotions.

Meditate and visualize

Do you feel a lot of anger and anger in your body? Learn to express your emotions

You see, you can be very creative when it comes to expressing your feelings. I recommend that you do something with your body in a safe way if you want to express pent-up emotions. Don’t get reckless and don’t do anything dangerous
for yourself or others. Communicate with the Higher Power. Turn inward and realize that there is a solution to your problem and that you will find that solution.

It is very beneficial to meditate and visualize the anger flowing out of your body unhindered. Send love to the other and imagine that your love makes all disharmony disappear. Be prepared to restore harmony. Perhaps your anger is there to remind you that you are not yet communicating well with others. If you recognize this, you can intervene. It’s amazing how many people tell me they’ve become much happier since letting go of their anger. It feels like a great weight has been lifted from them.

Getting angry is not new or unique. No one escapes this experience. The key is to recognize and recognize anger and redirect this energy in a positive direction. Find a way to express your feelings. Once you’ve learned to deal with your anger in a positive way—which will benefit you immediately—you’ll find that the quality of your life improves by leaps and bounds.


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