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Do you feel like a slave to the system? Six ways to log yourself out of the Matrix

There is a popular internet phrase that is constantly being shared by many alternative media outlets that says:

“It can’t be that I was born just to pay bills and then die.”

Another popular expression that conveys a similar feeling is:

“Find a job, get a job, get married, have kids, follow fashion, watch TV, behave normally, obey the law and save for your old age. Now repeat what I say: “I am free.”

While there is nothing inherently wrong with these things – we all want to be contributing members of society, and saving money for later is a wise strategy – there is also nothing wrong with feeling that this kind of experience is not for you. In fact, many people can’t stand it.

Whether it’s because you spend most of your growing ups in a classroom or because you spend most of your adult life working, it can often feel like the realities of modern life force us to neglect ourselves. As a result, many of us begin to feel depressed because we don’t invest time in things that ignite the soul.

It is not easy to live on a planet where there is the possibility to provide everyone with everything, but it is not taken advantage of. And living on a planet where death is inevitable if you can’t pay your bills doesn’t resonate with many people either. What can be even more frustrating is the fact that it doesn’t have to be that way at all.

Many people wake up to the fact that something is not quite right here. The world elite reap the wealth of the world and all its resources for themselves, and knowledge of this corruption can indeed lead to depression and lack of motivation.

Following are 6 ways to feel better about the current human experience and make the most of feeling that you don’t belong here. The bottom line is, if you feel that way, and I know many who do, all you have to do is change the way you view the experience.

This is a tricky area to try and give advice, ultimately if you are indeed in the process of waking up there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is truly an uplifting experience and the journey apparently never really ends. There is nothing wrong with being curious about our world.

1. See Your Challenges As Opportunities

It’s funny/weird how thoughts dictate our reality. By changing our view of an experience, we immediately change the way we feel. For example, if you don’t like your job, the way you look at it can help keep it going. And if you don’t like the world, and feel trapped in the Matrix that holds you captive, then maybe you can use that as motivation to change your life?

Waking up and going to work every morning so you have bread on the table isn’t the greatest experience, I know. As a result of being forced into this daily pattern, many of us neglect our hearts and desires.

We stop strving for what we really want to do in this world because we have been told how to live for so long by others. Many people don’t even know what they are passionate about because they haven’t learned to value their own interests.

If this human experience is a challenge for you, the way you think about it can work wonders. I believe this is why many people living in extreme poverty experience more joy than people in the Western world.

Look at your challenges and tasks as stepping stones, as opportunities for growth, and that will make your time here (in a human experience that you may not resonate with) a little easier to deal with. You’re stronger than you think.

2. Take Action And Do Something About It

That’s easier said than done, I know, but telling yourself you’re a slave to the system inevitably leads to feeling depression and helplessness. As I mentioned in the first section, if you change your way of looking at something, that itself will change. It is completely pointless to see yourself as a victim of circumstances.

victimIf you keep seeing yourself as a victim, you won’t make much progress. If you don’t like your current human experience, try taking some action to play a role and change it. This can be done by creating awareness or by helping others who feel the same way to deal with it better. Use your situation for the human experience as a springboard to take action rather than wallowing in the victim vibration all the time.

Sometimes it is difficult to take action; we are told to do certain things and to live a certain way. Completely deviating from a certain path is risky and we are not encouraged to do so, but following your heart means taking risks. You can’t really fail, only learn lessons. The joy is in the journey.

3. Realize You’re Already Halfway There

When you realize that something isn’t quite right here, or when someone ‘wakes up’, you have already seen the beginning of something great. Sure, some think that ignorance brings happiness, but waking up to the truth about various aspects of our reality can be an uplifting process.

There are many people who prefer ignorance, but if you go through depression and anxiety and you get through it, it can really help you springboard into something great. It is not easy to face certain truths about our world, but it is necessary if we want to change it.

By waking up to the different truths about our reality, you are already plugging out of the Matrix. It is not an easy process, which is why some people prefer to remain ignorant, but is ignorance really a blessing? I believe that knowledge is ‘power’, for lack of a better word.

4. Do The Things That Give You Pleasure As Often As You Can

If we can’t say ‘No’ then we become a sponge for the feelings of everyone around us and eventually we are satiated by everyone’s needs while our hearts ??……. and that. We begin to live our lives according to the powerful rules(?) of others, rather than the whispered passionate wishes of our own heart.

We let everyone tell us what story to live and stop being the author of our own life. We lose our voice – we lose the desire that is planted in our souls and the very unique way we could live out that desire in the world. We are used by the world instead of being useful in the world. source

These are the words of Dr. Kelly M. Flanagan, a certified psychologist. By living in this ‘system’, we always do the same as everyone else (this was referred to in the first paragraph). As a result, we neglect our hearts and fail to take action to do the things we really love. We are programmed in such a way that many of us don’t even know what we really love/what we really love to do. And that’s okay. It’s never too late to learn about yourself.

The key is to make time for something that brings you joy, whatever. As long as you express your passion, you have taken the first step. While much of our time is spent surviving, there is always a step you can take to engage in your passion.

If you don’t know what you are passionate about, spend some time finding out. As soon as you feel like something: go do it! That will help you on the journey to self-discovery. Remember that the joy is in the journey, not in the final destination.

5. See The Bigger Picture – All Is Serving

This is something that has helped me immensely, and it is a philosophy that can be used to look at your own individual life, as well as the human experience on a larger scale. For example, we generally look negatively at events like 9-11, the oil spill in the Gulf or Fukushima. These were clearly awful, and looking at them negatively is understandable, but how would you feel if you were told that these experiences serve us?

How might that change your perception of these events in the world around you? What if you thought that 9/11 helped millions of people around the world wake up? Or that the Fukushima disaster forces us to look at other methods of generating energy?

In the Grand Plan, everything always serves as an opportunity for us to grow and learn, even though it can be difficult to see beyond our emotions and see things in this light.

6. Gratitudegratitude

Gratitude is a great way to withdraw from the Matrix, or from the victim vibration. There are so many people out there worrying about where their next meal is coming from and whether they’re still alive the next day.

Many of you reading this have a home and a job, a family and friends; you live and have the remarkable opportunity to play in this present human experience. However you take it, go play!

Every day that you wake up and can open your eyes is a day to be thankful for. That said, that doesn’t mean we should get passive and keep quiet about the things that matter.

Gratitude is a great way to feel better, and contributing to positive emotions decodes a completely different message in the heart’s electromagnetic field, which is the largest field produced by the body.


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