Do you feel like a strange duck in the bite? About being unique and change in the air

Do you feel like a strange duck in the bite? About being unique and change in the air

Do you often feel like a strange duck in the bite? That’s okay because you’re special. Just like with ducks, you have your own plumage and it is never identical to another duck. You can clearly see that there is plenty of change in the air.

When the mating season for ducks arrives, things don’t get quite as loving or (better said) even hard. Females are preyed upon by males and raped and sometimes even driven to death. To draw the parallel with our world, think of #metoo and other things that appear in the news that all have to do with fornication, violence, rape, abuse, and (child) porn.

The behavior of the male duck during mating season is typical for the third dimension. Males show their power and dominate wherever they can. In other words, they see who can pee the furthest or who has the biggest (weapon in this case).

Change coming

But, dear ones, this is about to change. If you look at the granddaughter of Martin Luther King, who says to thousands of protesting young people: “I have a dream” and that that is a world without violence and weapons. Then you know that the new time is approaching.

Do you feel like a strange duck in the bite? About being unique and change in the air

That is also the reason why so much trouble is now coming to light at the same time and we finally realize that we can no longer close our eyes (for example, the complaint against Shell, and the pharmaceutical industry with insanely expensive medicines, which means that the AMC starts producing itself).

Your environment

For example, in your environment (work, family, friends) there will probably also be ‘commotion’. People can no longer hide their true nature due to the higher energetic vibrations. That creates tensions. It can feel like you’re that female duck who somehow needs to be pecked on the head to control. This behavior of others shows that it is not you that need to be insecure, but they.

Because they notice that you are the odd one out that they can’t get a grip on, even if they wanted to. The gap between your soul attunement and theirs is simply too big. Your vibrational level is higher, 4th or 5th dimension human, and that’s a good thing, because you ‘are’ the new world, which is already based on equality, connection, cooperation, honesty, love and light.


The third dimension properties of money, power, and ego are increasingly losing their grip, and for a change that is frightening for those who are in this dimension. For years it has been they who have tried to belittle and oppress humanity including children (indigo, crystal, star, and rainbow) by guiding fear. No more… because you notice around you that more and more old ways of doing things suddenly no longer work.

Do you feel like a strange duck in the bite? About being unique and change in the air

You will notice in the near future that you don’t have to worry about everything that is projected on you. You will become more and more detached from everything that is supposed to be heard or that has been imposed on you. You can get further and further in your power and dare to show it to the outside world.

There is only one thing you should not tempt yourself with and that is that you lower your behavior to the level of the other person opposite you. Stay in your loving light and understand that love for the 3rd dimension is a new experience. Also, don’t forget that you were once a 3rd dimension person many lives ago. So being condescending is inappropriate.


The female duck knows that it is only a matter of time until everything ends up in calmer but new and fresh water. You are here on Earth with an important mission that contributes to the world transformation that is becoming increasingly apparent. So start brooding on what your ideal world looks like and what your contribution to it and in it is.

The moment the shells of your eggs break, your creation comes to life. So make your own plan, possibly with like-minded people, and believe that humanity will be touched by your creation, just like with young ducks. Thus, the positive ripple effect of the odd duck plunging into the deep will continue to spread.


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