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Do you feel like a victim of a disproportionately heavy soul plan?

Recently I received an emotional email from a reader of my book on the soul plan .According to him, the soul plan is very unjust, because our soul is splitting a plan in our stomach that we as humans have not asked for.
We should be in charge of our own lives, not our souls that have thought up all sorts of things for us to do. We are not at all waiting for a hard life in which we have to undergo all kinds of things, just so that our soul can grow?

I can well imagine that you can be angry, even indignant, if you view your soul plan in this way. Especially if you have a difficult life and you feel that fate has hit you disproportionately hard.

Who we essentially are

We identify completely with our earthly personality. We live our lives and are completely absorbed in it. Our deep-seated beliefs make it very difficult to imagine the fact that we are essentially not our earthly personality. It requires a different way of looking, which we have never been taught or even told.

But actually we are souls temporarily on Earth in a physical body. That is not expressed quite correctly, because the soul is not only in the body, but also fills the entire energetic space around it, our aura. So the soul is bigger and more spacious than the body.

The soul is eternal and limitless, though only a small part of that much greater soul, or higher self, that connects with the body and personality of an earthly being for the duration of a human life. The soul does this over and over again, until it is done with all the experiences it wanted to have on this planet and can move on to other dimensions and experiences.

The ‘veil of forgetfulness’

The problem, of course, is that we don’t remember anything about this once we’re born, because that’s when the ‘veil of forgetfulness’ consciously kicks in. Why does that actually happen?

Imagine if you were aware of all your past lives and the purpose of this life, the challenges ahead and the desired outcome. It would be like taking an exam when you can look up all the answers. You wouldn’t learn anything from it, but you would also be burdened with far too much information and not be able to respond spontaneously to what comes your way.

The whole purpose of your soul and life plan would fall away and it would be a pretty pointless endeavor. That goal is briefly summarized: gain experience, become aware and discover how you create your own reality.


Following your inner guidance

Nevertheless, it is good to be aware that you have come here with a plan and a strategy for executing that plan. Only you don’t have to know exactly what that plan entails and you can learn to follow your inner guidance, by responding to spontaneous hunches and desires that arise from your heart and your soul.

This involves trial and error, by experiencing prosperity and setbacks. Looking back on your life so far you can discover patterns, themes that always play a role in your life and while reflecting and experimenting you can find new solutions for recurring challenges on your life path.

That is a valuable process that not only benefits your soul, but also your earthly self. Your ego trying to protect you dislikes uncertainty and will try to keep you from situations that it sees as dangerous. That is why you have to deal with many resistances that hinder you in your efforts to do things differently than you were used to.

Old conditionings and survival mechanisms form blocks that are not so easy to overcome. You often need help with that. It may also help if you know that it is the intention to step out of your comfort zone. You will experience a lot of cooperation from your soul and your guides if you really want to deal with the problems.

View your life book

Then there remains the question of why some people have such a difficult life path compared to others. To understand that, you should know the history of your soul. After your transition, when you arrive in the atmosphere that suits your level of development, you will be given access to your life book.

That is not only about the life that you have just left, but you can also see all your previous lives, if you want to. Then you will understand very well why your life has looked like this and why you have chosen this soul and life plan. You will discover that in many past lives you were a victim, but sometimes also a perpetrator.

One day you will have to experience what it is like to endure something you have done to others. The energy must be balanced. It has nothing to do with punishment because it is all part of the learning process that you go through as a soul.

There is no judgment from your supervisors, at most from yourself. And sometimes you choose a hard task just to help another soul or souls in their process. That is a very selfless choice that yields many ‘karma points’ for your soul, but requires the necessary sacrifices from you as a human being.

Never more than you can handle

Lightworkers in particular want to dissolve as much karma as possible at this time, so that they can move on to the fifth dimension with less baggage, the much lighter sphere to which we are on the way. That may mean that you have taken on quite a bit in your soul plan. But it is never more than you can handle, because your guides and other escorts will take care of that.

It is a pity that you do not remember how motivated you were before you came here on Earth, right now, to make a significant contribution to this transition into the new age. In the light of eternity, as a soul you experience an earthly life as a short interruption of your existence in the non-physical dimensions, but as a human being this life is all you know. If you have a lot to endure, it can seem like a very long time.

Hopefully it helps to know that your life with all its struggles matters and is very valuable, both for your soul and for your earthly self. And for humanity as a whole.


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