Do you find it difficult to make choices? This exercise will help you

Simple Tips To Overcome Indecision

You can sometimes become so overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the day that you have very little overview in your life. The outside world wants something from you, you still have to do everything and your own head can also be very full. When you are faced with a choice, it is not easy to know what you want. Because: what is the right one then? And how do you know that for sure?

Your soul speaks

You may need confirmation when making a choice. Talking to a friend about it can help, and so can a night’s sleep. With the latter you let your soul speak, because you allow it closer when you sleep. At night your head is turned off with all your thoughts, so that you can still access your real me, your soul. Then when you wake up, you can sometimes clearly know what the best choice is for you.


But you can still get the tendency to doubt, because your head takes over again. ‘Imagine that’, ‘what if’ and ‘shouldn’t I..’ So it can take you a while before you are ready to choose. That in itself is not a bad thing, until you start to suffer from it yourself. How come, that doubt about what you want? That’s because there are two people in your head, as it were, your consciousness on one side and your thoughts on the other.

Your consciousness calmly observes everything and is connected to your heart and your thoughts jump from one piece to the next like a silly monkey. When you rest, your head also becomes calmer, you are more connected to your heart and you know better what you want.

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Exercise: feel your choice

If you are an emotional person, you can start to feel your choice by taking hypothetical steps. It goes like this: stand alone in a quiet place and imagine the options you can choose from. Stand well grounded and relaxed and close your eyes. If there are two possibilities, imagine that one is on the left and the other on the right.

You can then take a step to the left, to the first choice, as if you were taking it. Just imagine that you are in the situation of choice one. How does it feel there? Is it light? What do you experience in your body? Are there other people? Is there a future, because you might want to move forward? Just observe calmly, without judgment. Remember to compare.

Then you step back to where you came from. Put your feet back on the floor and relax. You may have opened your eyes by now, then close them again for the next step in the front right. This is your other choice. Take the step and feel what it is like there. How does your body feel? What are you doing there? Do you have company? Would you like to go further? Observe calmly and remember what you experience. Then take the step back.

You have probably experienced a difference between the first choice and the second. This way you can feel which choice suits you best. If it is a major life-changing choice, do this technique several times at intervals of at least a day. Your insights can change in the meantime, and so can the information about the options.

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Sing your choice

But what if you’re not used to feeling? If you just want to know, but you feel that your feeling is not clear? Then use what you do have. Maybe you like to sing. Then sing a song with your focus on one possibility and another song with your attention on the other possibility. Who knows, if you are very visually oriented, make a collage of choice a and one of choice b. Often your body and your creativity are better connected to your soul and your consciousness than your head is.

If you are an athlete, run a section that represents a and one that represents b. Or you dance it, knit, crochet, improvise with your piano or paint it. As long as it comes from you, because that’s where your knowledge comes from and that’s where you want to come from. Does it sound a little crazy to you? Great, because humor helps you to relax. This way you put less pressure on having to know what you want now. Your intuition is also an indispensable compass to make the best choice. I made the free video series for you: Making the right choice with your intuition in 5 steps. You will receive it here .

Have fun and good luck with your choice!


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