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Do you find joy in your journey?

The judgments you make about your path and the results you see are emotional judgments about what you created in the past. Through your judgment you ask if something makes you happy, which is an emotion. But what you’re looking for is joy, and that’s an energy.

Do you create from the point of wanting to be happy with your results, or do you imprint your creations with joy at the moment of manifestation? When you create a desire for change, are you unhappy and sad? The energy you create cannot be other or higher than your own. Are you ready to really ‘create’ joy in your path?

Even though being grateful creates more things to be thankful for, it can be difficult to do when you find yourself in situations that make you sad, in conflict with your desires for a more fulfilling life, and in situations that do not bring you joy, peace, love or abundance. But everything that you are aware of now, you have created in the past. If you did not create your past in joy, from the energy of joy, you will not enjoy it in the present.

The answer to your current level of ‘enjoying’ is found in joy and how its energy moves from the past into the present. Instead of focusing on what you don’t enjoy, think about the energy you used to create it. When you want to be happy, you create from emotions. When you create from joy, you set an energetic intention, and it is much more powerful. Emotions exist in the field of mind, joy exists in the higher fields of spirit.

Don’t use this to look at the joyless things in your life and wonder how you can change them to become even more joyful. Joy begins with intention, not judgment, and joy requires trust and faith. Set an intention now for joy, to be in joy as you create every step of your reality.


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