Do you know that you are in charge of your own life?


Do you know that you are in charge of your own life? Because let’s be honest, we often don’t have that feeling. On the contrary, we have the feeling that we are the unwilling victim of, yes, or what exactly? From the randomness of life, from our source, from other people? The society? As if we are a balloon blown here and there by the wind.

But the good news really is that you and only you determine what happens in your life . What you now experience in your life did not come there by accident. You have asked for that, energetically and completely unconsciously probably. You made choices that led to these experiences. No one else. But you can make this a conscious process and for that it is useful if you understand how it works.

How does that work?

Your thoughts determine your emotions and your emotions determine your actions. And let me clarify that with an example because it then becomes clear. Suppose you want to live your mission, you want to use your beautiful soul talents to help and so you have decided that you want to start a practice.

But then you start thinking: “Who’s waiting for me now? I can’t do that at all, can I?” You recognize it. And that goes on and on in your head. Meanwhile you already feel in your body what those thoughts do to you. You feel yourself getting anxious; logical, with suchthoughts . _And the consequence of all this is that you do not start a practice. And so it is with everything in our lives. We sabotage ourselves with our thoughts and our emotions.

turn the tide

But that can be different now that you know that this is how it works. Let’s start with the moment you feel your deep desire inside that you want to start a practice. Just a short explanation about having a desire, that desire is there for a reason, that is yours and it is intended that you will shape it. And so it is also possible to manifest it, to actually start a practice. It’s good to realize this about desires, that’s not just something, you’re not supposed to do anything with it.

And then the same thing happens as what I describe above: you get those hindering persuasions, thoughts and emotions. But, you now know that your desire is there for a reason and now you think: “Yes, but wait a minute, why is there no one waiting for me?Of course there are people waiting for my help!” Does that feel better ? I thought so! And so you can examine and bend all your thoughts and beliefs, rewrite them and possibly let them go if they are not true.

You immediately notice that a nice thought creates a nice emotion. And a nice emotion ensures that you take action. And now you dare and can take steps to actually start your practice.

Take the helm of your life firmly in your hands

In this way you show leadership about your life. You are strongly in control. You decide where you go. And this works with everything you experience in your life. This is how you become the powerful creator that you are by nature. And I realize this may sound a bit simplistic and I always say it’s a simple process, but not necessarily easy. Because we’re not used to doing it that way.

Because it can be quite a process to examine your thoughts and your emotions, to heal if necessary and to let go. That takes time, it takes a lot of inner work. But if you really want to grow in your life, if you no longer want to be held back by limiting beliefsthat can be very old and don’t even need to be yours, then this is a workable process. I got myself out of a major crisis with this a few years ago, I apply it daily in my life and I teach others to do the same.

Shape your soul desire

You feel it when you really want something. There are longings big and small in our lives but some of them really call us. You feel that inside. That’s important to you. That is a soul longing and how nice is it if you can shape that in your life? If you can take the steps to really give shape to your desire, without being distracted by fear, feelings of insecurity, insecurity, lack of (self) confidence? Because we all know that. And the difference between doing and not doing I have described above.

People who realize their dreams are no different from you and me. Of course, we all have different backgrounds and we’ve all been through a lot, but we’re all basically the same, we’re all connected,we all have the same possibilities and opportunities and the natural laws that we have to deal with on earth work the same for everyone. And last but not least, we all come from the same source.

The question is: what do you do with everything that happens in your life. And that’s the whole difference between remaining a victim or taking the helm of your life firmly in your hands.


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