Do you listen to your ego or to your soul?

Do you listen to your ego or to your soul?

What choices do you make in life? Everyone makes choices in his or her life. And because of the choices you have made in the past, you are now where you are. This means that the choices you make ‘today’ determine where you stand ‘tomorrow’. This sounds logical, but the practice seems to be much more unruly for most people. It seems as if deep down we ‘know’ that it works this way, but at the same time there is a ‘force’ that is stronger than this ‘knowing’. We call this ‘knowing’, this inner voice ‘the soul’‘. And that ‘force’ we call ‘the ego’. Ego and soul. Two words that sound familiar to most people, but at the same time are very elusive.

What is meant by ego and soul?

You can see the ego as the primal force that resides in you and that has a very important task, namely to ensure that you survive! So the ego is responsible for your safety. As babies, we have not yet developed an ego and we depend on others to survive. As we get older, our ego grows under the influence of our environment.

You can also see the soul as the primal force and the soul also has a very important task, namely to ensure that you create (the best version of) yourself. Creating yourself actually means creating ‘your-Self’ (in which you can read ‘your-Self’ as an individualization of the Divine Mind). The soul is always there and constantly makes clear, through your inner voice, that this is its deepest desire.

Do you listen to your ego or to your soul?

Do you listen to your ego or to your soul?

Depending on the extent to which our ego has developed, there is more or less room for your inner voice. At least, a highly developed ego will have little effort to shout over your inner voice. And that is what most people currently (mostly unconsciously) experience as an unpleasant, gnawing feeling. In our western culture, most people have not learned to listen to their inner voice. Not even in our churches (where you might actually expect that), hardly any attention was paid to this.

You were supposed to listen, not to your inner voice, but to the voice of ‘a scholar’. In retrospect, this applies to our entire upbringing. Listen to someone else (because they have learned for it), so they know what is good for you. By this way of parenting we have created an illusion. The illusion that all we have to do is listen to someone else and that we will automatically become happy.

Can someone else know what makes you happy?

It used to be simple. If your father was a carpenter, you became a carpenter too. And if your father was a farmer, then you became a farmer too. You didn’t have to think about that. Today things are ‘a little bit’ more complicated, but we still don’t teach our children to listen to their inner voice. That is not surprising, because most of us have not learned this ourselves. But this doesn’t mean we can still learn it! That’s a choice. A choice you make ‘today’ and which determines where you stand ‘tomorrow’.

Do you listen to your ego or to your soul?

Do you want to learn how to listen to your inner voice?

It is about learning to recognize the voice of your ego and the voice of soul. Because ego and soul belong together. The ego needs the soul to be truly happy and the soul needs the ego to fulfill its desire. If you no longer want and/or can suppress your inner voice and if you have the courage to get started with this, I cordially invite you to get started with this yourself. And if you feel the need to exchange thoughts about this, I would like to invite you for a free  RestartYourlife insight conversation .


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