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Do you live in the now? Or are you always worried about what’s to come?

Living in the Now

Recently I sat on the platform waiting for the train home. The train was delayed and I sat down on a bench for a while. A pigeon walked up and picked up crumbs from the ground right next to me. Very fascinated I looked at the bird. I followed the deaf’s every move. He was very concentrated on every crumb. With the same rhythm, he picked up the crumbs every time.

Focus on what’s now

Immediately after that, he headed for his next target (crumb), as if he had a radar for it. Very quickly all the crumbs were neatly picked up and the pigeon continued its hunt for more crumbs. Beautiful to see. While I was fascinated by the scene, I realized that that pigeon (and animals in general) live completely in the “now”. They don’t worry about what just happened or what’s coming next.

Living in the moment

The pigeon is only concentrated on the crumb that he has in front of him at that moment. When that one is gone, it moves on to the next one. How simple would our life be if we had the art of living in the “now”, just like that dove? However, we’ve all done that at some point. As children we also lived completely in the moment. We lived completely in the moment and were completely absorbed in what was happening at that moment. We surrendered completely to the flow of life. I wonder when we lost that beautiful instinct…

The struggle of growing up

That moment probably came in our adolescence. We are given more responsibility (such as studying independently) and learn to make our own choices. Not an easy task when we are also changing physically and emotionally! I think that’s where we largely lose our ability to live in the moment. How many young people are already concerned?

Details or concerns?

Sometimes they worry about small details, such as what clothes they will wear on their night out. Often they start doubting it days in advance. We lose the art of letting life come to us and be surprised by all the beautiful things that come our way . Or we forget how to enjoy every moment because we are already worried about something that might happen in a few daysWhy are we doing this to ourselves?

Live more intensely

Life is so simple when we can focus on what we are doing now. If we can do that any moment, we live more intensely. Everything also runs more smoothly, because we only focus on what we are doing at that moment. It goes faster and better. How nice would it be to be able to do that at any time?

Consciously practice your thoughts

Fortunately, we can also practice that for a bit. The first step is to be aware that our minds are wandering. When you realize that, you can focus again on what you are doing. Tell yourself: “Finish this first and then think about the next”. It takes some practice, but it’s a first step in the right direction. Shall we start with this?


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