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Do you live with Ghosts?


There is more than one way you could live with ghosts. We all have shadows and perceptions of a place that is hollow, gray and empty. It is a place where everything seems frozen in time, with no solution, growth or change. This is where ghosts of every kind can take up residence without paying the rent! They can block the energy of the light that is always available to you, in response you dim your own light.

When we cling to the past for too long, we risk being haunted by our memories. It’s like cleaning your house. We need to clear our minds and hearts so that we have the opportunity to hear what our spiritual direction is telling us. When we open our channels with the right intention and a committed heart, we can invoke the spiritual guidance that is available to every soul.

heavenWhy do ghosts walk between us here on Earth?

Bound to the past, they cannot see beyond the dark or feel the light. We copy that behavior when we freeze and stagnate, afraid to move. Our fear trump’s common sense and spiritual reality.

We create a situation that we use as an excuse. Sooner or later, we have to admit that we are responsible for our own light. We need to pick up the broom and learn how to forgive, let go and move on.

Free yourself from the echoes of the past. Rewire your heart and mind to allow only the good and positive of yourself to nourish yourself. Learn how to heal yourself from the hurtful words and judgments from yourself and others by filling your heart with compassion for those who are hurting inside. 

We are not here to take their pain away by being discouraged by their words, we are here to lift them up. Everyone is now discovering how our vibrating energy matters. Some people are still trying to figure out how responsible they are for their ability to feel joy and radiant light. It’s liberating and also a little scary. It takes time to get used to it.

The spirits that live in our midst are very much like the spirits of past lives and energy created by thoughts. We have the ability to send them healing light. Visualize the complete transformation of a lost soul asking for the way.

All that is needed is to know that there is no greater power than unconditional Love waiting for them. See yourself in that power of unconditional love. You are completely forgiven, completely healed.

There is a radiant place within everyone’s innermost being to discover as we raise our minds. There is a healing light shining in every corner of our planet. Whether you use it or not, it is always there.

When you are ready to receive it, then you will know. A spark will bring you there and grow into a great fire of understanding and knowledge. Nothing disappears for no reason. Everything is a lesson, in joy or in pain. It is a wonderful liberation to see when ghosts disappear and the light comes pouring in.


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