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Do you recognize the sound of your inner voice?

When has the other person’s opinion become more important than my own inner voice? When did the moment come when I started to value ‘them’ more than ‘me’? Since when does my inner voice have to scream to hoarseness to be heard?

Different voices than mine.

Was there a moment when I heard my inner voice, my intuition? That I listened to what she said? Sure, years ago. When I was very little, and then only briefly. Because at a young age I learned to listen to other voices, other opinions, different from mine.

Was that imposed on me, forced upon me? Yes and no. Yes because I learned to adapt to ‘how it should be’ and what others said was good for me. No, because it often came from genuinely well-intentioned love.

As a small child I had a voice inside that knew what I wanted and what was right for me. A voice that sensed and knew what was going on. That small child was highly sensitive and also adaptable easily. Almost unnoticed and without problems. Except that her inner voice faded into the background. Screaming into the void. No response received over the years.

Meet again.

Fortunately, your inner voice does not stop and keeps calling as often as it can. Hoping for the moments when you suddenly stop and listen. Listens to a sound from within, rather than to the ‘noise’ from outside. It may take a while before you understand that voice again. She is hoarse from shouting into the void and you are deaf to the sounds around you.inner voice

You get to know each other again and introduce yourself again. Sensing and sometimes waiting, but also with a tickle in your stomach. Because your inner voice has much to tell you and appears to possess much wisdom.

Wisdom that you carry inside and want to be heard by you. So that you can discover your inner strength and stand firmly on two legs. Stop being guided by the opinions of others. But let yourself be guided by your opinion, formed from within.

How do you listen to your inner voice? Some tips:

Do your research.

Your inner voice is hard to hear because of all the noise in and around you. Sounds and opinions of others, but also the thoughts that wander through your own mind. Thinking and worrying, often you don’t have a moment of peace in your head. If you want to listen to your inner voice, do your research.

Find moments when you can experience peace in your head. Such as yoga, mindfulness (training) or meditation. Your thoughts will not disappear, but you will practice to “get out of your head” and pay more attention to the silences that exist between your thoughts.

Play with making choices.

Don’t think, just ‘just’ make a choice right away. Your intuition often knows flawlessly what is good for you. Try to practice choosing between small things with this. In a supermarket, choose the first vegetable that comes to mind (rather than reasoning what would be wise), just like when choosing a drink or dish in a restaurant.

They are simple moments to choose something from your feeling (your inner voice), instead of from your head (logical reasoning). To learn to listen to your inner voice.

Find the silence.

A place in nature where you can find silence, luckily there are still plenty of them. Go for a quiet walk, cycle or run alone once in a while. Look around you and listen to your breathing. Always try to bring your attention back to the walk or bike ride you are taking.

Instead of going along with your thoughts (about shopping lists, your work, all the things you still have to do). Practice being consciously present in the moment. Then your inner voice gets the chance to make itself heard. And maybe you will listen.


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