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Do you share all your full light?

“You can’t warm yourself from a candle flame.” I can still hear my mother say it. She meant relationships, when a guy didn’t give me enough love, but (much) later I came to realize that this applies just as much to self-love. And value it for yourself.

I feel that the world desperately needs our love and our light right now. But how can you share your full light, if you don’t yet dare to stand up for who you are and what you can do?

oil light

I often compare it to an oil lamp. How many people don’t walk around in life with their lights dimmed? Their enormous full light, their enormous potential, dimmed to a small flame. But if you turn an oil lamp too far, it even goes out, you deprive it of the power it needs. What we can realize more and more is that we can be our own oil, our own food. We must first fill ourselves completely with self-love, our food.

We are allowed to see what value we can bring to this world and everything we want to give to another, give to ourselves first. How often do you tell someone you admire them? that you love him? What is so nice, sweet and nice about that person?
And how often do you do that for yourself?

What is your unique light?

I believe that we are on earth at this time for a reason. That we all have our part to play. That we can all contribute in our own way. What is your contribution? What is your mission here, your purpose in this time on Earth? I believe that for many of us our contribution now may be to spread our light, to ignite others with it. To make a circle of light shine over the whole earth. And we often don’t have to do much for that. Sometimes a smile at someone having a bad day is enough. A sweet word. One hand on one arm. a hug. It doesn’t always have to be big gestures, small gestures can have a huge effect.

Your light reaches further than you think

I always explain it to my clients, coaches, therapists and other light bringers with their own practice: Imagine that you help a mother to come to herself, to feel better about herself, to feel more love for herself. herself, then she passes it on to her children, to her partner, to her friends. Her children feel safer in the house because their mother is much better able to set her limits and no longer reacts so quickly angrily.

Her partner feels more seen and can reconnect with her. Her friends see what it does to her to be much more confident and may be inspired to take steps here themselves, which also improves the lives of those around them. In this way your light can ignite an infinite number of others. In this way, your love can affect many others indirectly.

If we share our light, we can – in my eyes – heal the whole world.

So, the next time you dim your light, think about this, see what you need to shine again and allow yourself that.


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