Do you sleep poorly or lightly? Three energetic causes


Poor sleep is a subject that makes you tired both literally and figuratively. There is much to read about it, but the cause is often personal and unfathomable. Lack of sleep isn’t just about lying awake; it may also be that you sleep lightly and wake up broken in the morning. Recognizable? In addition to tangible causes (magnesium deficiency, too much or too little light, stress), lack of sleep can also have an energetic basis. Three causes of restless sleep in a row and what you can do about it.

Three energetic causes of poor sleep


mirrors? Yes, mirrors. That’s where energy comes in. A mirror reflects what appears in it and this ensures that a room with one or more mirrors has an active atmosphere. Nice in the living room, less nice in the bedroom. What kind of energy is emitted by a mirror? All energy. Entities, energy from guides or the deceased, sunlight, the neighbors, dreams, and thoughts of your partner, child, or roommate. You can shut yourself off from that active energy, but if you’re a sensitive sleeper, the motto is: remove mirrors from your bedroom.

Energy cords

You are energetically connected with everyone you meet through an energy cord. For some people that is immensely thick cords, with others thin threads that dissolve quickly. At night as well as during the day you can feel tightropes, for example, because you feel responsible for someone or are connected to the pain of a loved one.

Do you sleep poorly or lightly? Three energetic causes

Using Denise Linn’s book Energy Cords, you can examine your cords and, if they are costing you too much energy, loosen them. This does not mean that you separate yourself from a loved one, but that you retain your own energy and feel and indicate its limits.

Sleep together

Sharing the bed while sleeping has only been a custom for a few centuries. Romantic, sure, but not always conducive to a good night’s sleep. How come? At night you process your day and if you lie next to each other, you can get involved in your partner’s dream life and process twice as much. That’s exhausting.

Your chakras are aligned and therefore can easily merge into one another. A simple solution to apply once in a while: one of you lies with your head at the foot of the bed. You will notice that you sleep better and dream more deeply. You don’t have to do this every night, but give it a try and see if it works.



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