Do you suffer from stress, doubt or sadness? Time to detox your mind and spirit

Do you suffer from stress, doubt or sadness? Time to detox your mind and spirit
We can detox, or detoxify, our body to keep it clean and healthy. But did you know that you can also detox your mind and spirit? Our mental health is linked to our physical health and such a mental detox can have positive effects on our overall health. When you are dealing with stress, sadness or doubt, for example, a mental detox can help to change the way you think. In this article, we share five simple tips to help you detox your own mind and spirit.

5 tips to help you detox your mind and spirit

Take a break and work on your consciousness

Often we are so busy that we don’t even realize we need an emotional or mental change. It is therefore important that we become aware of this need. By listening to your body you can usually find out what your mind needs. Your body continuously gives you direct information about your mental state. So by pausing and becoming aware of your body, you can learn what your mind needs.

Take a moment to rest and try to check whether you feel tension in your shoulders, have a high heart rate, or suffer from a nauseous feeling. You can do this through a full-body scan. Sit in a chair and rest your palms on your lap. Scan your body with your attention and stop at each part of your body to see how it feels.

Provide acceptance and compassion

Do you suffer from stress, doubt or sadness? Time to detox your mind and spirit

It is normal to deal with difficult feelings from time to time. When you’re feeling stressed or anxious, this is your brain’s way of telling you that there’s something you need to pay attention to. Once you accept that your feelings are simply part of you as a person, you can create more space. This will help you deal with these feelings better. This is better than suppressing your feelings, which often causes them to surface in a more intense way later on. One of the most effective ways to create compassion for yourself is to treat your own feelings the way you treat your friends’ feelings: with support, understanding, and love.

Create real emotional connections

Connecting with others creates acceptance and compassion for your own feelings. Expressing your feelings allows your brain to process them in a new way. When you open up honestly to others about your feelings, you make yourself vulnerable. This may feel uncomfortable at first, but it actually makes you connect with others. And feeling connected has positive effects on your mental well-being. So make sure you have time to really tune in to others and yourself.

Clean up your physical environment

Do you suffer from stress, doubt or sadness? Time to detox your mind and spirit

Clearing your mind does not always have to be an inner task. You can also do this by changing your environment. Clean up your environment by, for example, simply putting your phone on silent for a few hours or cleaning up your desk. You can also choose to spend a few days in nature. Physical and external changes affect your inner state of being. So be mindful of who and what surrounds you.

Using your body to take care of your mind

Your body retains your emotional difficulties and tension and you can use it with your body, through the connection of your body and mind, to ensure that you are mentally more balanced. For example, you can stretch before a meeting to create a more relaxed and open mindset. When you dance, your brain sends you signals of joy, and when you drink water continuously throughout the day, your brain and body work better together and create a greater sense of calm. So you can improve your mental well-being through your physical well-being and use your body to take care of your mind.



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