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Doctor outlines the surprisingly dramatic role nutrition plays in treating & curing mental illness

It’s no secret that within the pharmaceutical industry there is a blurred line between which prescriptions are supportive or harmful to the body, especially when it comes to those suffering from mental illness and the medications prescribed. Numerous antidepressants, such as Prozac, have been shown to increase depression and suicidal ideation, ADHD medication is prescribed daily as a matter of course.

Numerous international studies have shown that eating an “American diet” scores high in processed foods and meat, increasing the risk of depression compared to a more “Mediterranean diet” rich in fruits and vegetables. Clinical psychologist Dr. Julia Rucklidge has conducted several studies on how nutrition can prevent and cure many mental illnesses, especially by using micronutrients.

Why Medication Shouldn’t Be Our First Choice When Treating Mental Illness

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that children with depression who take antidepressants are three times more likely to convert to bipolar disorder than children who do not take antidepressants.

Another study from the JAMA found that the participants who were randomly selected and who continued to take the same amount of antipsychotic drugs were less likely to recover from long-term schizophrenia than people who received a gradual dose reduction or no drug.

Numerous studies come to the same conclusion: Medication is not always a viable long-term solution to cure mental illness. Many of these medicines are not guaranteed and side effects can aggravate the patient’s complaints. A possible side effect of many antidepressants is depression, for example, an anti-anxiety medication can often increase anxiety. In addition, ADHD drugs only work about 70% of the time and have many potential negative side effects, including increased anxiety and irritability.

dr. Julia Rucklidge explains in her ‘TED talk’ the different treatment methods for mental disorders recommended by doctors in the US, using a hierarchical pyramid. Drug use is found at the bottom of the pyramid, as this is the most popular treatment method, followed by therapy and “other”.

Doctor Outlines Surprisingly Dramatic Role Diet Plays in Treatment - Healing Mental IllnessDespite the fact that alternative treatments have a greater long-term effect on curing mental disorders, modern medicine is turning its attention to drugs. Medication isn’t always the best treatment option, so why is it doctors’ first choice?

The large pharmaceutical industry plays an important role in public propaganda through advertising and education, the more pills you take, the more money they make. The pharmaceutical industry has played a major role in the proliferation of prescriptions and the diagnosis of ADHD in the United States. As Dr. Irwin Savodnik of UCLA  explains , “Psychiatry’s vocabulary has now been defined at all levels by the pharmaceutical industry.”

How diet and micronutrients influence the treatment of psychological complaints

Unlike the United States, in other countries there are many doctors who prescribe alternative treatment methods instead of drugs for mental illness. For example, French psychiatrists examined a patient’s diet and the causes of behavioral symptoms in ADHD. Bad eating habits, such as eating foods with artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, sugars and/or allergens can seriously affect behavior or increase mental illness .

In 2009 Dr. Rucklidge released a study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry on the use of micronutrients in the treatment of ADHD in adults. dr. Rucklidge and her research team gave about half of the participants a placebo and the other half up to 15 pills a day, containing 36 different nutrients.

They found that twice as many people responded to the micronutrients than the placebo through positive changes in their ADHD symptoms. Even up to a year later, the adults who were still taking micronutrients experienced even greater improvements in their ADHD symptoms, while those who were back on their regular medications reported negative side effects.

Rucklidge explains that about 60-80% of people respond to micronutrients, which have been proven to reduce aggression in inmates, slow cognitive decline in the elderly, and treat many mental illnesses. In addition, it has been proven to be cost effective than many other forms of medical treatment.

Rucklidge also notes that positive dietary changes can help prevent and treat mental illness. She suggests using fish oil as a preventative measure against mental illness. I personally get my Omega-3 fatty acids and DHA/EPA from a plant source, algae, which is basically what fish eat and what makes them so rich in nutrients.

My experience with my diet to treat anxiety and panic attacks

I first started having panic attacks and anxiety during my second year of college. At the time, I was following a “pescatarian” diet, which contained only animal products such as fish and dairy. My anxiety attacks got worse even in periods of little stress, I wrongly assumed that it came out of nowhere.

Seeing myself as a victim of these random attacks and too scared to seek treatment, I shared my inner pain with my ex-partner. However, after I changed my diet to vegetarian, six months later, the panic attacks had completely stopped.

I still had anxiety and palpitations, but at least my “anxiety attacks” were less frequent and the intense panic attacks were reduced. But all that changed when I started a vegan diet, a few years later, my anxiety had completely disappeared.

This made it clear to me, dairy is terrible for us, so my physical and mental health improved after I stopped eating dairy. I also believe that my anxiety has stopped because I was no longer exposed to the low vibrational energy of farm animals.

It has been scientifically proven that your emotions affect our physical health. In a study by HeartMath  it appears that ‘negative or stressful emotions unbalance the nervous system and our heart rhythm is disrupted. This in turn causes stress on a physical level and has a negative effect on mental functions. “You can see how anxiety and stress affect the body.

Example: stress has an effect on the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, anxiety can affect your heart rate and digestion.

So, if you eat products from an animal that lived in a state of fear and anxiety and was constantly tortured, how healthy can that animal be?

In addition, we are all fundamentally connected and each of us has our own energy vibration. Like humans, I believe that animals also have their own vibrations, all energy is connected to the collective vibrations of the earth.

Since fear has a vibration, I believe that every time you eat a product with animal components, which has lived in fear, your vibration is lowered. As a result, low energies such as fear can be experienced, or in my case, attacks of fear and panic. This is a common belief among Yogis, as it is believed that the energetic stamp of the flesh of an animal that has been slaughtered is one negative energy.

Final Thoughts

This article is not intended to disgrace people who use drugs to treat mental illness, nor is it intended to harm those of you who eat meat. My only wish is to educate people about available alternatives to drugs and how eating a plant-based diet has helped me with my own mental health.


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