Does he like me? 17 Signs that immediately provide clarity

Does he like me?

You like him.

Every time you see him you get clammy hands.

He makes you nervous, but in a good way.

The butterflies flutter through your stomach.

You love him so much. But how do you know for sure if he likes you too?

“Does he see me as a girlfriend?”  Does he like me?

After reading this article you can let go of all your doubts. I’ll tell you what signs to watch out for to know if he likes you.


Signal 1: He can’t take his eyes off youDoes he like me?

You can look at someone you love all day long.

You just love that person so much. You want to take in every square inch of him.

Are you dating someone or do you have a friend who can’t take their eyes off you?

Then I have good news for you. The more he looks at you, the more he likes you.

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Signal 2: He treats you like a celebrity

We want to know everything about celebrities. From their hobbies to their past to their ambitions. We even find their favorite color interesting. We absorb the information and hope to learn even more about our idol.

That’s how it works when a man really likes you.

He wants to know everything about you. It feels like you are a celebrity being interviewed.

He is genuinely interested in you. In your life, in what concerns you, in what drives you.

It’s like being a book. He doesn’t just want to read you, but he wants to take in every letter.

Just because he loves you so much.

Signal 3: He’s looking for contact for no reason

There is a difference between ways in which women contact each other and in which men contact each other.

Most men have mainly functional contact with each other.

“ Can I borrow your car for a moment ?” or “ Will you join us for a beer tonight ?”

Functional. Practical. It is needed.

Most women are very different. They also interact with each other for fun.

Hours of phone calls and messages that are about nothing… most women know it.

But you know what’s so interesting? Many men switch to our feminine form of communication when they really like a woman.

He will suddenly “just” send an app. Or just give us a call. Simply because he wants to contact you.

The more often he “just” sends an app, the more he likes to see you.


Signal 4: He pulls out all the stops for a good date

People are suddenly willing to put in a lot of effort if they find something really important.

And that’s how it works for men too. Are you really important? Then he will want to invest more in you than anyone else.

If you really mean something to him, he won’t settle for just evenings on a terrace, watching a series together or just hanging out on the couch.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with a night of Netflix on the couch, but he’ll want to make an extra effort for you every now and then.

He pulls out all the stops for the perfect date to show you how much he loves you.

It doesn’t even matter what you are going to do, but he puts effort into it. He’s thought about it.

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Signal 5: He grabs your hand in public

Whether you’re holding hands or walking around town with a banner saying you belong together… it’s basically the same.

When you hold hands, it is clear not only to you, but also to the rest of the world:


A man who likes his date or girlfriend is proud of her. The whole world can see that you belong to him.

Does he take your hand? Then there is a good chance that he really likes you!

Signal 6: He’s talking about the future

He’s one of those guys who’s already talking about where you’ll be living in five years. In the city? Or that idyllic dream farm in the countryside…

He dreams aloud about journeys you are about to make. About that dream vacation to a tropical island. About any future children.

He envisions a future with you.

If a man does not like a woman, he will never think about a future with her. He will be much more concerned with the here and now.

But an enthusiastic man is usually well prepared for his future. With you.

Signal 7: You are welcome in his life

If he really likes you and is comfortable with you, then he will probably open up his life to you.

And I don’t necessarily mean that you know where he works and lives, but his real life. His inner circle.

You will be introduced to friends and family. You get involved in his hobbies. For example, he takes you to the football field or shows you where he always jams with his band.

He shares his real life with you. He shows what the core of his life looks like. And he wants you to be a part of that.

Signal 8: He dares to be vulnerable

We actually look a lot like onions.

“ I’m sorry… um, what?”

Yes, of course! You read it right. We look like onions. To those things that make your eyes water.

We can all see the outside. That is that thin skin that you remove immediately when you start cooking.

By the way, you can easily remove that skin, but that does not mean that you are immediately at the core of the onion.

Onions have many layers, and so do we. You don’t go straight to the deepest layer. Layer by layer, peel the onion until you finally get to the core.

And so it is with us. We don’t immediately show our vulnerable side. When you get to know someone with whom you feel comfortable, you may immediately lose two layers, but you only reach the core if you dare to be really vulnerable with someone.

Does he dare to be vulnerable? Then you also reach its core. And he only shares that core with someone he really trusts.

And do you want to get to know each other even better?

Signal 9: He talks about his feelings

“ Men don’t feel like emotions .”

“ Men just want sex .”

This is not true. If you read this somewhere, click away from the website. It is not right.

Find a dating website or dating coach that will tell you the opposite:

Men want to commit to a partner they love.

And with that partner, they feel the need to share their feelings and let the relationship be more than just a good time in the bedroom.

Does he share his feelings with you? Does he dare to tell what his insecurities are? What’s on his mind?

Then you’re probably fine.

Signal 10: He is honest about his past

We’ve all done things we’re not so proud of.

Okay, one maybe more than the other. But we can all think of something we would do differently if we could do it over, right?

Him too.

He’s not perfect. He has undoubtedly also done things in his past that he regrets.

And the foundation of a good relationship is honesty. Everyone makes mistakes, but as long as you are open and transparent about them, the past does not guarantee the future.

In fact, the fact that he dares to be honest about his past also means that he is not holding anything back from you.

Has he done things in his past that startle you? Don’t immediately judge him for it. The fact that he’s sharing it with you probably means he likes you.


Signal 11: He wants to know what you think

Imagine. You are at a crossroads in your life.

You can turn right, left, straight ahead or turn around, but you don’t know what to do.

Where do you need to go? Who can help you?

You ask someone for advice.

Someone you really trust. Someone whose judgment is important to you.

Are you the one he often turns to for advice? That is a good sign!

It means he trusts you and takes you seriously. He wants to know what you think about something. Your opinion matters to him!

Whether it’s big decisions or something as simple as “Which shoes do you like better?” … that does not matter.

He involves you in the choices he makes.

Signal 12: He dares to give up something for you

Every man has something that he is passionate about.

His football club. His weekly pub night with his friends. His mother…

It is sacred to him.

And yet you are worth skipping that weekly pub night, not to make reservations every night for a football game on TV, not to have dinner with his mother every night…

He dares to give up something for you.

He sees your relationship as valuable and he wants to invest in that.

Trust me, you have to love this man!

Signal 13: He wants to be part of your life

Are you dating a man who is curious about your life? That is a good signal that he shows interest in you and wants to be part of what concerns you.

Of course there are 2 ways a man wants to be a part of your life.

You’re the type who completely dives into your life and then has coffee with your parents on his own and takes over your entire group of friends. The type of guy who wants to control what you do with your life.

That may not be ideal…

But the type of guy who shows genuine interest in your family and friends… he just wants to be a lively part of your everyday life.

He makes an effort to get to know your parents (can your father sleep peacefully again) and he doesn’t stare blindly at his own group of friends. Your friends are also worth getting to know.

Are you now thinking to yourself:

“He introduces me to his friends.”

Then that is a TOP sign.

A man who makes your lives come together probably likes you very much!

Signal 14: He wants you to be 100% with him

Most men do not like to share their date or their girlfriend with others.

Many people opt for exclusivity in a relationship. You belong together.

And that’s why a man who really likes you is probably a little jealous when you’re chatting extensively with another man.

He probably doesn’t like it when you talk about that one handsome male coworker of yours all day long.

I’m not talking about extreme jealousy here. About claiming behavior and depriving you of your freedom.

You just need to be able to get along normally with other men.

But a man who is a little jealous… he just really likes you and would rather not share you with the entire male population of this planet.

And secretly that’s pretty sweet, isn’t it?

Signal 15: He keeps investing

You have been dating or you have been in a relationship for a while. And yet he continues to surprise you.

He still occasionally takes you out to dinner. He buys you flowers. He has suddenly booked a weekend away without your knowledge.

He still invests in your relationship.

Think of your relationship as an old building. It needs maintenance. Without maintenance, the building falls into disrepair and eventually collapses like a house of cards.

He is such a man who checks the bricks of the building every day. Which replaces broken stones. Which puts extra cement where it is needed.

Just to keep the building standing and looking as good as it did when it was first built.

Signal 16: Your imperfections are also welcome

Your face when you wake up after a deep sleep…

The bags under your eyes when you are tired…

Your morning mood…

He thinks it’s all right.

He doesn’t expect you to be perfect. He likes to see you as you are. Including all your imperfections.

Of course, he will also help you work on yourself whenever you want. He stands by you, he supports you through thick and thin.

But he accepts you as you are.

Signal 17: He says the four magic words

In the end it is all very simple…

Does he really like you? Then he will tell you that.

Just as it is. Those four small, but magical words:

” I love to see you .”

there. He said it.

They are four very small words, but they have a big meaning.

Does he say it regularly? And does he say it all year round (not just on your birthday or during a romantic Valentine’s dinner)?

Then you’re fine. He likes to see you.

“But Adam, Does he like me? or does he love me too?”

Well? What about your date or friend?

Does he show many signs that he likes you?

Then there is a good chance that he will develop feelings for you.

Of course I hope so for you, because I wish every person a beautiful and sparkling love life.

That’s why I write these articles.

Just because he loves you doesn’t mean you’re together forever.

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