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Does your inner child feel at home on earth?


The duality in the world can help you come ‘real’ home

It has been almost six months since I wrote my last article. I needed this ‘pause’ to unite myself with my earthly source power and to let my inner child come home to earth again. It felt unsafe and was stuck in the split between my original ‘being’ and my earthly, physical body. I felt that when I followed my body, I was drawn into the environment, started to feel what was needed again, was distracted and tried to meet expectations.

My body wanted to continue to adapt to the environment, while my ‘being’ told me that it really wanted to walk its own path. It is as if I could finally perceive the struggle within me and discern how two forces were pulling at me. And I saw my child sitting in between and I felt her distressed and haunted feeling. This feeling stands in the way of surrendering to earthly power and carrying out my soul mission.

It sounds contradictory, but the duality in the world has helped me to reunite my body and my being. It resonates with the duality in me. By actively inviting the tension in the world into my cells, I trigger the battle between my body and being. By making the child feel that I am present and what I really want in the middle of the struggle, it comes to rest. This process makes me feel more at home and secure in earthly existence and my confidence grows.

The protection of the ‘higher self’

My child is very afraid to let go of old programmed patterns in my body. They give her security, even if they are not pleasant. Deep inside her I feel that she feels abandoned, abandoned. She has lost the original connection to my being. Letting go of the old feels like falling into a deep hole.

Only after the higher self in my heart reaches out to my inner child, embraces it with unconditional love and tells it what I really want, my original truth, do I feel peace coming to her. The child then dares to let go of old patterns, such as to stop trying to disappoint others.

The new truth gives the child and me together the space for surrender to the primal source. In contact with my higher self I feel more protected, as if I have a pair of arms around me. The ‘feeling alone’ has disappeared. And it is precisely this surrender to the unknown that is the gateway to who I really am.

Heartache creates duality

Surrendering to the primal source evokes all kinds of fears in my body. Reflexes close off the front of the body (intestines, stomach, heart and throat) and the hips. In the front of the body are many undigested emotions and heartache. While the spleen and the liver carry enormous envy and anger. The emotions are partly from my child to me. Because I haven’t heard from her in so long.

My survival reflexes do everything they can to block unprocessed emotions and feelings and this is how the battle arises in my body. The reflexes try to prevent me from reliving the pain of my old lives.

As a result, my body also closes itself off to the inspiring and nourishing life force of Mother Earth that could actually move and heal the heartache. The struggle in my cells causes pain, stiff muscles, water retention, extreme tiredness and anxiety.

The moment my child turns to the source, my body becomes calmer, I feel happy and my desire immediately rises. Nice energy then flows through my body and it is as if everything that did not feel good has faded away. The desire of my being to merge with the forces of Mother Earth and become one is predominant.

As long as your body is in duality with your being, you do not receive the ‘power’ to manifest your desire and create your soul mission. As I described in the late March 2021 article “Working with your source to carry out your soul mission, how do you do it?” the transformation we are in will make some of the roads we used to walk dead ends. The earth force will become the essential energy source we need to live on this globe in the future.

inner child

The shift to your source

Humanity must shift from living ‘on’ earth to living ‘with’ earth. Tiokasin Ghoshorse

I can’t put it any clearer than that. How do you ensure that your inner child comes home to earth so that you can manifest from your source?

Every day my higher self again takes my inner child by the hand. Her feelings, fears and emotions, such as disappointment in life, are allowed to be felt. The inner child is finally really heard. My higher self talks to her, encourages her and invites her to take all (heart) pain, sadness, judgments of herself and others and learned beliefs to the source. It is able to drain it, purify it and feed it with new information.

Bizarrely, the duality in society can help us heal the duality in us. The struggling collective energy resonates with the memory of traumatic experiences in our cells. Precisely because our survival reflex is affected, and your body shuts down, you have the opportunity to heal it.

It asks you to actively and lovingly open your body again to the collective energy. Feeling gratitude for the response and opening up to the collective energy. Even if you detest it. Conscious invitation of the responding cells and the collective energy, let the dual energy disappear and bring back confidence in you.

The more people individually purify the dual collective energy, the more the effect of that force will diminish in our society. While now the duality in the world is reinforced by our attention!

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