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Dolores Cannon – what I learned from her work and how it changed my life

A hypnotherapist, UFO investigator and paranormal investigator, Dolores Cannon has been sharing her information, insights and the results of her extensive work for 40 years. Dolores is a master hypnotherapist who takes her clients to the somnambulistic level (medical sleepwalking / sleep clairvoyance) where – as she states – most hypnotherapists dare not go. This has led to a clear understanding of a vast body of ancient knowledge, which otherwise would have been lost or hidden from mankind for various reasons.
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dolores cannon

I’ve been working on this article for a year, starting in 2014 when I was first introduced to Dolores. The very talented writer Jeff Roberts already wrote an article about her, click here to read it. I had already heard about Dolores in 2011, but had no opportunity to delve into her work at the time and as it is in life, things only come your way when you need them.

So Jeff’s article came my way and after reading it I watched all the YouTube videos of Dolores Cannon’s lectures I could find. I eagerly took notes as I watched, for from many of her conversations I gleaned the answers to questions I already had regarding the planetary shift that is – among other events – currently underway. I knew deep down I would have to read some of her books, which I did!

While reading the responses to Jeff’s article, I immediately noticed a certain trend: Either the commenters knew Dolores and were happy with an article about her, or they thought she was crazy, or they were simply unwilling to take anything.

In particular, those who rejected her extensive work had never even taken a moment to delve into it. However, she has been doing this work for 40 years, so enough material to pay attention to. It’s a bit overwhelming – that’s for sure – but I think it’s very important to have an open mind when studying this kind of work.

When I started writing this article, the title I had in mind was “Why This Is the Most Important Moment in the History of the Universe.” With the intention of continuing the discussion Jeff started, perhaps helping to clarify her work, as well as spreading information for those who didn’t have the time for research or money to buy her books. However, while I was halfway through writing this article, Dolores passed away and I had to put my work on hold. I felt like I had lost a great mentor and the world a very valuable spiritual guide.

I know that death is not the end; Dolores is still guiding us and her work continues. I hope that by sharing what I’ve learned and the answers I’ve received to my questions, maybe your questions will be answered as well. Perhaps it will inspire you to also buy books from her and delve into her fascinating work.

The awakening / planetary changes

spiritual awakeningI woke up in January 2011. I’m not going to go into detail about how that went, because it’s an impressive (and long) story and I’m sure many reading this article are already familiar with this process. After waking up I only had 1 question: “What now?” I had no idea what the next step would be. I believed there was a planetary change going on, but had no idea of ​​the reason behind it, what it meant to our species or to possible other species in our solar system, or what the end result would be.

Because that final conclusion is what really interests me. Today I meet and speak to many people worldwide who are in a similar state of confusion as I was four years ago.

“It’s not so much about being with those who are already in a higher vibration, they can save themselves. Nor do we need to worry about those who remain in deep-seated negativity. 

It is especially intended for those who are in the midst of confusion, perhaps willing to take the plunge, which we can be most helpful with.” The OB (UnderConsciousness Speaking Through Clients of Dolores Cannon) – The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth.

I hope this information will bring clarity to those who desperately need it and are ready. Here’s what I’ve learned:

The moment of awakening

dolores cannon gateThe Awakening—or the shift—started sometime in the 1960s. As explained through Dolores’s work, souls then began to incarnate that had never been to Earth before (Jeff also explains this in his article).

Their vibrational frequency was higher than ours and because of their presence the vibrational frequency of humanity and the planet also started to rise. There were three waves of incarnation of these pure souls and if you look back at the social climate at that time, you can clearly see their influence.

The 1960s was a time of great change and social unrest, so the idea of ​​​​Awakening really resonated with my own feelings; it was just right. The Earth was created as a school for all beings who want to achieve an accelerated growth of their soul.We incarnate on this planet to learn lessons, to have experiences, to grow and play.

We’ve also tried to break free from the karmic cycle, but that’s another wide-ranging topic that you can read all about in her books. We also plan our lives, but this is also a subject I don’t want to dwell on now – I wrote an article in English that youyou can read here . The time we are experiencing now is what we might call ‘graduation’. We are advancing to the next step in the evolution of our soul: the next stage of consciousness.

For many, evolution began with Acceleration. Even those who have no idea about the Awakening say that they feel that time is speeding up. That acceleration is caused by vibrations moving at a faster rate. You can either go with the vibrations by adapting (the Acceleration), or you get stuck.

Many people on Earth refuse to adapt to the faster vibrations, turning them into an opposing force. People who have adapted feel this opposing force and by raising their own vibration they allow their DNA to change. We are graduating and that graduation is a choice. So now is an exciting time to be alive!

The why of awakening

When the first atomic bomb fell, a distress call was sent to the Universe that Earth was in serious trouble. This call was answered by many souls by volunteering to come to Earth, including many who had never been here before. Some were asked with the option of saying “no”, but they all came (though hesitantly).

Planet Earth is one of the most difficult planets to embody on, one of the hardest schools of learning. So after the first atomic bomb, these volunteers were born with only one purpose: to increase energy and expand consciousness, because humans as a species were led astray and started irreparable damage to the planet.

These pure souls have been very successful and right now I feel the Earth is shifting into another incarnation that is going to provide the very best students. If you had researched ancient cultures from around the world, you might have discovered that such an evolution has happened before with different groups of people. Dolores mentions this in some of her books I’ve read, along with books on Spiritual Science and many other works related to the subject.

(If we are talking about an entire group or civilization that has shifted from a three-dimensional reality to another dimension).

“With the arrival of and the physical takeover by the forerunners, it is very important to set an example, to prepare a way. So that people can respond to what happened. It’s hard for the first time, then it gets easier. There is a saying for that: “The hundredth monkey.” You make it easier for others by charting a path. 

And in time all is one. So it has always been known that there would come a time of ascension of the species, of shift, transformation and transcendence.” The OB (Under Consciousness Speaking Through Clients of Dolores Cannon) – The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth.

How do you know you are awakening?

Click here for an article on ascension phenomena.

Physical changes in your body and why your DNA changes.

wake up!Our DNA is changing to hold the new energy and the higher vibrational frequencies. This infusion of higher vibrations awakens the sleeping DNA. Due to the activation of the DNA, our bodies begin to change.

Dolores Cannon: “Will This Changing DNA Affect Mental Ability?” 

OB: “Yeah. People will become more telepathic. Words are not necessary, communication goes through the heart and the transfer of thoughts. Lying and cheating are out of the question. And that is not necessary.”

Due to the increased vibration, our bodies change and we begin to reject certain things and behavior patterns that we once considered normal. The article on ascension phenomena goes into this in more detail, but one topic I cannot emphasize enough to facilitate the transition and that is changing your diet. Many people have a hard time with this, but if you really want to ascend to the next stage in evolution, it is very important to consider changing your diet.

“At work, I tell my clients that they need to change their diet in order to adapt to the New World. Our bodies need to become lighter, which means avoiding heavy foods. During the sessions, my clients are repeatedly urged to stop eating meat (beef and pork in particular), mainly because of the chemicals injected or fed to the animals.” – Dolores Cannon, The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth.

Dolores Cannon: “Will we still consume food?” 

OB: “You will stop killing animals for consumption because eating the vibrations of a living being will make you very sick. You will start to eat more watery food and when you plant that food you will not eat it in huge quantities, but with quality awareness, care and love. As a result, higher vibrations are introduced into your food plants and fruit trees and you no longer have to eat so much.”

For more information on how to change your diet, watch the documentary Origins. One key topic shared in this documentary is eating raw food. I’ve implemented this in my life and I feel great! I have also become a vegetarian since my awakening in January 2011.spiritual awakening

the laggards

What I have understood from people who will not transform, whether they are aware of it or not, it is their own choice whether or not to transition into fifth dimensional reality. The choice is made by your own vibration, which determines your reality. That’s what I thought was so funny about Dolores when she discovered that people would be left behind. The OB told her so too, which made her very sad and found it terribly unfair. I felt the same way when I first read about it, until I understood that they are not really left behind, but that they choose not to make the transition themselves.

OB: “…the time for Gaia to graduate and take her best students flew by, leaving behind the destruction, the corruption, the negativity and the darkness. It’s like she’s splitting off, flowing from one thing to another.” 

Dolores Cannon: “Those who are left behind… don’t their DNA change?

OB: “No, they won’t allow that.”

Dolores Cannon: “So it’s a personal choice?”

OB: “Yes.” 

“Those who are not enlightened will have to go back to another planet with a denser energy and still embroiled in negativity, to work out their remaining karma.” Dolores Cannon, The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth.

Dolores Cannon on Extraterrestrial Influence

dolores cannon-etThe influence of ET is many times greater than I think or anyone could ever imagine. After reading this book, my mind was “crumpled up,” as Dolores calls it. I just didn’t know how to get this information in the way it was presented to me. The first thing I thought was, “Could it be possible and if so, Mozes Kriebel!” This book is about the origin of the Earth, who created the Earth, why the Earth was created and how Aliens have played a part in it since creation. The visions I had were confirmed by the OB and Dolores. I had never spoken to anyone about it because it was quite unworldly and too early to say anything about it, but here they were! What I had seen was described in this book! In addition to the origin,

OB:“There are beings that we consider not very spiritually evolved. That doesn’t mean they are negative. The Universe has no concept of ‘negative’. There is no positive or negative. 

There is only beauty of the One. What there is are beings who are not as spiritually evolved as we would like, but we cannot call them ‘negative’. For example, I wanted to tell you that there are ET beings working with the government. Those beings are here out of self-interest to gather Earth metals, chemicals, elements, and anything else they can use. 

Sometimes they take more of this than what they tell the government. We disapprove of this, but we have allowed it because the vibration of the planet is lower.This allows them to get into this vibration and communicate with the government. That doesn’t mean they are negative. They grow spiritually. And we allow them to come. They do no harm to the planet because they have learned to give. 

They give technology to the government. So it’s give and take. We do not agree with them, but they are not negative. Some beings here think in terms of good and evil, but that’s not the way to view it. It should be seen as spiritual progress. Some of these beings are not that advanced in their spiritual development.” but that’s not the way to look at it. 

It should be seen as spiritual progress.Some of these beings are not that advanced in their spiritual development.” but that’s not the way to look at it. It should be seen as spiritual progress. Some of these beings are not that advanced in their spiritual development.”– The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth.

That last sentence really made me think in a different way. Over the past few years I’ve been reading all kinds of things about underground bases and the (so-called) atrocities committed by aliens and it made me sick. After reading the book, I started to view Aliens in the same way as people who do ‘negative’ things. That also made me sick.

A few years ago I discovered that people play a role and that the ‘negative’ roles (people who do really bad things like causing pain, oppressing, being violent, etc.) are just that – roles. Inside, man is still a perfect, beautiful, good-natured soul that wants to grow, help others grow, or work out karma. At that point, I also began to view Aliens in the same way.keepers of the garden dolores cannonIf these beings really do such horrible things to humans, despite my disapproval…

I think like all things in life we ​​create our own circumstances and choose to participate in them, or consciously distance themselves from them. I know many find it very difficult to accept this, but I think that’s how it works. Like all things created, we also created this, for a variety of reasons.

How do I apply what I have learned in my life?

The most important thing I have learned from her work is that we are in the process of shifting from a three-dimensional reality to a fifth-dimensional one. This process not only changes our whole attitude towards a more beautiful world, it is also a destructive and extremely hard process. As hard as granite.

But I have learned that it is my own choice to raise my vibration and I can only do that by changing my life, forgiving myself and others, serving those who need it and being aware of what I say and do. I’m also aware of what I’m feeding my body, who I am and why I’m here—namely advancing to my next level of consciousness. Even if everything Dolores Cannon talks about were false or all fantasy, still!

Applying the lessons learned in my life has made me a better person, and if I die tomorrow I will be filled with gratitude, not regret. What more can I wish for? I don’t know how others experience it, but I got tired of the three-dimensional reality. So many terrible things are happening on and around this planet and everything we come in contact with is poisonous.

In all sincerity, I usually experience it as overwhelming. In addition, our beautiful planet is being destroyed. Many have asked me what will happen to all those greedy and corrupt people in their positions of power, or to all those negatively minded people, who – as far as I can understand – will be left with what they themselves have created.

When they remain in low vibrations they will remain in the third dimension, along with our dying ecosystem, disasters like Fukushima, plus all the other mess they have caused. In my opinion, those who play these ‘negative’ roles knew that they will not transform, as they have not worked out their karma in order to continue. So they play these roles voluntarily to help us.

I don’t hate those who oppress us, human or non-human. I am grateful to them. So they play these roles voluntarily to help us. I don’t hate those who oppress us, human or non-human. I am grateful to them. So they play these roles voluntarily to help us. I don’t hate those who oppress us, human or non-human. I am grateful to them.dolores cannon-3

Dolores Cannon’s books changed my life. I’ve read some of them by now and plan to read more. I’m not saying that everything she writes is true or that you should believe it. It’s up to you to decide what you want to believe, what resonates best with you and feels best to you. I think her work offers valuable information, as well as another possible truth.

Her work not only provided me with answers to some questions I had, answers that I could not find myself, but I also found confirmation of my visions and what my spirit guides had told me. More importantly (and that’s what it really did to me), it all ran in sync and in such a wonderful way, there was no denying it. It is my hope that all who seek answers and clarity in the midst of all this confusion (and it is enormous!) will find it, and I believe that Dolores Cannon’s work is a great start to that.

Below are some topics that didn’t fit in this article, but that will certainly inspire you to read some of her BOOKS  (

Upgrades, The Council of Nine, Early Wake Up Call for Some, Physical ET Visitations, The Grid, The Chaos, Diseases, The ‘Safety Net’ Illusion, Not Looking Back, The Illusion of Age, Spiritual Coasting, The Many Styles of Awakening , Simultaneous Lives, Reincarnation Pattern Changing, and much more.

I would like to close this article with my favorite quote from Dolores:

“The choice to transform is ours – all possible worlds are waiting to be explored.”

Thank you Dolores Cannon and all so close to her who help to continue her work. She is a beautiful soul and I am glad I discovered her work. It really changed my life.

Do you want to know more about the work of Dolores?

Dolores Cannon website:

Dolores Cannon Facebook page:

Dolores Cannon presents Transforming to the New Earth


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