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Don’t feel like meditating anymore? Here are some great tips.

What is meditation? There are countless possible answers to that question. After 3 years of toil, mediation and countless conversations with people who have all tried to play with different ‘levels’ of consciousness, the conclusion is that there are differing views about what meditation is, what it ‘looks’ and how it ‘feels’ .

I still remember when I first started meditating I had the same feelings and ideas based on what I had heard about the experiences of others. I thought you were supposed to feel a tremendous energy when you reached a certain point in your consciousness. For example, that you would hear voices, perceive amazing images, see vortexes and encounter other creatures. I get signals from people all the time that they don’t feel like meditating so much anymore, because none of this is happening to them. They themselves are the seen and the feeling. So I’m here to say that every person has different experiences!

What is meditation?

Quite simply, to meditate is to silence the mind. no more. There is nothing more to it than simply taking the time to calm the mind. What exactly does this mean? Our days are often filled with all kinds of decisions, choices, conversations, events, stress , thoughts and so on. As a result, we live ‘in our heads’ all the time. In other words, we spend most of our time thinking and analyzing all daily events.

That can be very tiring, even exhausting, while your inner voice – also known as your intuition – no longer gets a chance to say anything. Through meditation you take the time to put aside these daily thoughts and stories for a while to completely relax in silence for a certain time. What happens then is different for everyone.don't feel like meditating anymore

Meditate, how do you do that?

That is different for every person and usually some practice is needed first. For most, sitting still and meditating for the first time, or doing it once in a while, can seem like a daunting task for the first few months. We see ourselves playing with countless thoughts and find it hard to stop paying attention to them. But I promise you that after some practice it becomes much easier. I just can’t tell you the best way to meditate, because there is no ‘best’ way. I can share with you what I’ve done to make it work for me.

First, find a comfortable place where you can sit or lie quietly and undisturbed. Then sit or lie down comfortably and close your eyes. At this point, you should get out of your mind all ideas and expectations about what you will and won’t experience. Try to avoid imagining what might happen and don’t force anything. Also, don’t sit around ‘waiting’ for ‘something’ to happen. Just let everything go and simply ‘be.’

For starters, I just focus on my breathing. Feeling the air coming in and out of my lungs and how my whole body experiences it. Don’t analyze, just observe. When thoughts arise, just let them go, in and out. Try to avoid paying attention to a single thought or judging anything that comes to mind. We often become frustrated when thoughts keep coming and we are tempted to pay attention to them, just let go and focus on your breathing and your bodily sensations.

From that point on, I start relaxing my body, from my crown to my toes. I do that by just observing the feeling of every part of the body, which makes your whole body relax more and more. Call it a body scan. Also here try to avoid analyzing and paying too much attention to something, just keep calmly observing the feeling. At this point, you begin to feel relaxed and the mind settles longer feel like meditating meditation

If you don’t feel this way, don’t worry, just keep breathing and just let your mind be. It’s important not to get frustrated because your expectations are too high. Not necessary. Once everything is relaxed, it’s up to you how and what you feel and experience. Sometimes we have deeper experiences and sometimes we simply have a nice quiet moment to ourselves where we can release all the everyday things and recharge ourselves.

What could I feel or see?

We have already mentioned this above, but because I get a lot of questions about this I would like to pay a little more attention to it. When I first started meditating – and sometimes even now – I see myself sitting, full of expectation that something will happen when I feel something very deep inside.

I have shared meditation experiences with others and sometimes one can give an idea of ​​what you might see or feel during meditation. From my own experiences I can say that it is important that we do not create expectations, because then youthought is swallowed up instead of letting thoughts go and letting everything come as it comes. In some situations one sees and feels profound things, but to be honest in some cases it is the human mind that creates these visions and stories.

The key is to just let the experience be for what it is. As you become more comfortable meditating, you will naturally learn what works best for you and how to play with it as you gain experience.

For myself, I’ve found that the most profound experiences come when you just let everything take its course and don’t sit down and try to do something special. Things happen naturally when they are needed and at the right time. It is not necessary to have expectations.meditate

Getting clarity and answers through meditation.

This is another very important aspect and many are beginning to have a real insight into themselves through which truth and clarity are revealed. We may want to know what decision to make or tune in to a higher frequency to determine what the next step in life will be. In any case, it is important to simply surrender to the experience without having any expectations of how answer or clarity will come to you.

Some people hear a voice, or receive a ‘download’, or have visions. Others get a very clear sense that something is going to happen and I’m sure more experiences are possible! Remember, don’t have any expectations in any way. Just let it be and don’t worry if something doesn’t happen right away.It can also suddenly reveal itself during a meeting with someone who opens a ‘door’ for you, that you trip over something, that you find something on the Internet or read something in a book, and so on. As long as you remain open to impulses and simply go with the flow, the answers you need will come naturally. There’s nothing to worry about, I promise you!meditate

Try it!

The only way to find out how something works for you and how to let go of your discouragement and frustration about meditating is to just try! If necessary, make a timetable for yourself, on which you reserve space to practice meditation. Every day or every other day and if that doesn’t work, just go with your gut feeling or when it suits you.

Give yourself a chance without any expectation or judgment about your experiences. Just have fun and remember that it’s about relaxation and we don’t have to take everything too seriously.


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