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Dragons are common in all kinds of myths and legends. From the dragon from the story of King Arthur in Europe to dragon stories from distant China, dragons are found worldwide.

Whether dragons ever really existed or not (I have my own opinion on that), they are in any case inseparable from our collective memory. And where there are dragons, there is magic.

A few years ago I saw dragons passing by during meditations, dreams and visions. I was already used to a few things, but this was different, more powerful. The feeling I had with the dragons was new, but then again it wasn’t. As if an age-old memory was bubbling up. The more I started working with dragons and their energy, the more flashes I got to see of other lives with the beautiful creatures.

I am consciously talking about ‘other’ lives and not ‘past’ lives because dragons, and human lives with them, take place (or have found) in my eyes in other dimensions. Dragons and their energy come from another world. The world where Avalon is hidden, Shamballa’ (where the ascended masters of Asia live) or Asgard (a place in Scandinavia where the gods live).

They come from a world where magic is omnipresent and people are used to using it. We can learn a lot from dragons magically, and that’s why I’ve been studying dragon energy in recent years.

 dragon energy

Dragon energy is limitless, pure and fiery. It puts you in touch with the dragon within you, your limitless possibilities and pure, immediate manifestation. Dragons are not creatures to defeat, you can learn to ride!

The energy of the dragon is powerful and once tamed, a magical tool to instantly manifest your wishes and dreams.

To work with dragon energy all you need to do is invite them into your life. Your pure intention to work and live with dragons is enough to make them appear in your life. Perhaps first in dreams and visions, then you will learn to feel the dragon within you and soon enough they will be flying your way in all sorts of ways, complete with their fiery breath!

As mentioned, dragon energy is limitless and as much as I can tell about it, it would never be complete. We humans can never fully get to know dragons and their energies because they come from another world.

All we can do is explore and learn little by little about and from the dragons.

To make this journey a little easier, I’ll share some of my own experiences below in the hopes that it will inspire you to start your own dragon adventure! Because an adventure, that’s for sure.

Once you work with dragons you will be amazed at the amount of energy and power that is released and you will notice that your wishes are manifested faster and faster. But beware, whoever plays with dragons plays with fire. Be careful what you wish for!

Your thoughts, wishes and dreams will come true very quickly, working with dragons, so knowledge of and control over your own thoughts is a must.


Dragons come in countless colors, shapes, shapes and sizes. Purely to offer a foothold below, a possible start of your personal journey of discovery, I will explain 3 colors of dragons below.

the Blue Dragon

 blue dragon

The blue dragon represents your powerful emotional life. The blue dragon is associated with the element of water and is as flexible and elusive as water can be. Once unbroken it will freeze to a chill that permeates your soul and nourished with love it will flow warm and nurturing into your body.

You can reach the blue dragon with your feeling. If you invite this dragon from your heart, he will never refuse your invitation. If you treat him with love, he will teach you how to control your feelings, express them and live from your heart.

This is the beginning of a life in Mastery; if you cannot live from your heart you will not be able to manifest anything real.

The blue dragon helps you to lay a solid foundation for your journey of discovery.

the Red Dragon


red dragon


The red dragon continues where the blue one left off. He is in touch with your true Being. Your essence. He sees right through you and knows what your intentions are. So it makes no sense to lie or pretend otherwise because the red dragon will have flown quickly.

What the red dragon can teach you is to live from your truth. He helps you discover what your truth is, what you find important in life and what you value. Once this is clear to you, he will help you further by propagating these values.

He encourages you to live from your truth and only attract ‘true’ people.

But make no mistake, this dragon is also a master of manipulation! If you’re not careful, he will deceive you and use his own cart. With that he shows you how important it is to live from YOUR truth and not blindly follow another, magical dragon or not.

Red dragon shows you how to take charge of your own life and not let yourself be influenced by other people’s sweet talk.

And as a master of manipulation, he will show you how to use your gift of manipulation for good. He teaches you to manipulate your life into a reality that serves the highest good. But wow, if you use your manipulation talent for the benefit of your ego. Red dragon is ruthless to the ego, it will burn away with its fiery breath.

Working with red dragon will show you relentlessly where you still let your ego lead too much. Red dragon teaches you how to use your ego as a tool instead of a leader.

black dragon

 black dragon

Black dragon is pretty much the most powerful dragon. All types of dragons have their own strength, but from a human point of view, the black one is the most powerful. Its aura is purple or violet and communicates with the highest regions in what we call heaven.

You could call the black dragon the dragon of spirituality. By invitation, he will guide you on your spiritual path. Black dragon is your buddy who whispers new ideas to you, brings a certain book or course on your path and gives you the power to be in clear contact with your Spirit.

He looks beyond your humanity and sees what you are capable of as a soul. Black dragon can shine light on your soul mission with his fire and show you the way that you may walk. And if you feel that you have slipped from your path undetected, Black dragon will fly right by your side to light the way back.

Black dragon is very friendly and old. In his long life he has seen and learned enough and found peace in that. he is also your buddy who stands by you unconditionally if you experience adversity. Its extreme peace and tranquility will nourish and nurture you so that you can allow yourself to set healthy boundaries for your own well-being.

The last word

As I mentioned before, the last word on dragons has never been said. Dragon energy is an inexhaustible source of wisdom, light and information. I hope an introduction to these mighty beings has helped you a little further and showed you how to interact with them yourself.

From a pure heart and a pure intention you have nothing to fear from these beings. Get to know the dragon in you and allow yourself to ride the magical dragons. Fly with the dragons and you will never fly alone again.


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