Dream big

Dream big
Do you dare to dream big? As Marianne Williamson’s famous quote goes, “Our greatest fear is not that we are not enough. Our greatest fear is that we have limitless power.” This article lets you taste the wonderful power of your dreams. The dreams that want to become reality so strongly that everything flows along to make that happen.

Your world is as rich or poor, as attractive or boring, as you can imagine. When you are an active dreamer, you have learned how to grow a vision that your body believes in and that is confirmed by your Greater Self. A vision is so rich and powerful that it wants to take shape in the world. When you step into the energy field of this vision, the world will respond; this is because you are magnetic.

Now you generate events and encounters that open new doors and make your days sparkle with magic, sparkling like champagne. Your dreams speak louder and clearer to you and the extraordinary meets you on every street corner. You know with deep certainty that your heart’s desire is already fulfilled. This sounds strange, but it is what it is. The world gives it a thumbs up.

Find your calling

Find your calling and everything changes. If you follow the voice of your soul, you will be showered with gifts as you will be aided by forces from the unseen, starting with your own creative mind.

Dream big

Sure, you’ll have to work on this, but this work is a form of deep play. Your old negative mantras and self-limiting beliefs will fall off you like the old skin of a snake. You play with the blocks that held you back before. When faced with adversity, you will not waste time and make it an opportunity. You act with the knowledge of what the great trick in life is: find what you love, turn it into action and let the world support you in this.



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