Dreaming that you are pregnant: what does it mean?

Dreaming that you are pregnant: what does it mean?
Do you dream that you are pregnant or that you are having a baby? According to dream expert Robert Moss, that does not have to mean that you are expecting a child. In his book Dream Big, he explains that in your dreams you can discover the secret wishes of your soul. Dreams about pregnancy and babies have to do with expectation: of a dream that wants to come true. This article gives some examples of what your dream can mean.

If you have a baby in your dreams

I cradle a newborn baby in my arms. She is beautiful and her breath is so sweet. I carefully place the baby on a lambswool pelt that I’ve burrowed between books on a high shelf and arrange everything so she won’t roll off the shelf.

This was my dream during an afternoon nap. I woke up happy, endeared, and amazed. In everyday reality, it is highly unlikely that I would have another child. In addition, it is equally unlikely that I would find this an appropriate way of looking after another’s a child. When I went to my office after my afternoon nap, I saw that the contracts had come for a book that I wanted to publish that spring. This book was to be my next literary baby and the announcement of the birth came to me in the dream.

Literally or symbolically dreaming about babies

Dreaming that you are pregnant: what does it mean?

Dreams about babies, like dreams about any other subject, can be literal or symbolic. Expectant mothers dream about babies before they even know they are pregnant. During pregnancy, baby dreams for both mother and child can be a practice for the actual birth. They can also be part of an ‘introduction process’, in which a new personality introduces itself and polls the family it ends up in.

It is not uncommon for pregnant women to dream that they are giving birth to an animal. Indigenous peoples realize that these dreams contain knowledge about the character of the descending soul and that they also tell something about its spiritual connections.

A television host from St. Louis told me on her show that during her pregnancy she dreamed that she had given birth to a lizard. “He just slipped out.” Although the dream was somewhat disturbing, it was also a favorable dream. The delivery was quick and smooth. We also talked about the lizard’s traits, which the new child might also possess, including the ability to grow something.

Spiritual Parenting Invitation

Baby dreams can also be announcements of the birth of another family member; a preview of an upcoming grandchild, for example. A dream announcing a literal birth can also be an invitation to spiritual parenting.

The natives of my native Australia say that every soul on its way to birth needs a spiritual parent to guide it safely to its home in the world. The spiritual parent – ​​a godparent in the deeper sense of the word – can but does not necessarily have to be one of the biological parents. The connection between the descending soul and the spiritual parent is made in dreams.

What will I create?

Like in my dream about the baby on the bookshelf, often baby dreams are not literally about a baby. If you dream that you are having a baby, and it is highly unlikely or even impossible that this will physically happen, you may be asking yourself: What new thing am I preparing to allow into my life? What will I create? The creative act is always a birthing process where something new comes into the world.

Dreaming that you are pregnant

Dreaming that you are pregnant: what does it mean?

A mother dreamed that she was pregnant and had a huge belly. After careful probing, it turned out she was pregnant with twins, but there was something very strange about their bodies. She wasn’t very happy with twins at this point in her life. When we discussed the dream, I asked her to tell me what was so strange about the shapes she felt in the swollen belly of her dreamed self. “It was like they had hard, sharp edges,” she said.

I asked, ‘Hard and sharp like what?’

To which she replied, “Like books!” She came to the conclusion that she was pregnant with two books she hoped to write. Several years after the dream, her first book was ready and she was working on the second.

Announcing a still fragile new life adventure

Baby dreams can be more than just the announcement of a birth. They can also be about nurturing and nurturing a still fragile new life adventure that presents itself. A woman embarking on a new career dreamed that she gave birth to a very small and delicate baby.

She had a hard time grasping the baby because it kept slipping away from her. She had great difficulty holding the baby securely or catching it if it fell. The dream seemed to represent quite precisely the challenges she faced as she set out to launch her new career into the world.

Another dreamer was totally shocked when she dropped a newborn baby because she was carrying a huge box of what she believed to be all kinds of work-related items. As she examined the dream more closely, she realized she had to quit her job because it got in the way of a creative project she wanted to complete: It’s better to drop that ballast than the baby.

New life in a spiritual sense: being reborn

The announcement of birth in a dream can also be about the beginning of a new life in a spiritual sense. I was deeply moved when a friend recently related a dream to me in which she received a birth announcement card from a deceased relative, stating that he had been born again on the Other Side.

Let’s not forget that in addition to being the Archangel of the Annunciation who brings the most celebrated of all birth announcements, Gabriel is also the Angel of Dreams and the Patron Saint of astral level travel.


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